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9 great prepackaged trail meals

From: Boys' Life, October 7, 2015

It seems as though you’ve been on the trail forever. All you can think about is getting to camp so you can cook up something warm and tasty There’s nothing like enjoying a Dutch oven meal, but sometimes a prepackaged meal is the call. Though a little more expensive than homemade meals, they’re lightweight, simple to prepare and, in some cases, surprisingly delicious.

MARYJANESFARM OUTPOST CHILIMAC ($7, ): Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? And who doesn’t love chili? Mixed together, it’s a winner. This meal is organic and vegetarian, and totally seems like a comfort-food classic. It’s made with pasta, white sharp cheddar cheese, lentils, pinto bean flakes, onions, tomatoes, etc.

Cook Time: 10 minutes; requires 1 cup of boiling water; cooks in the bag.