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Kudos to MaryJanesFarm

Biz Bits by Murf Raquet
Moscow-Pullman Daily News, February 20, 2010

A weeklong effort by MaryJanesFarm of Moscow raised more than $880 for earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

The fundraising was done through a special promotion on the farm's Web site from Jan. 18–24.

"We donated a percentage of sales on our Web site and subscriptions for the week," said Lucas Rae, bookkeeper for the business. "We're just doing our part to help out a little bit."

The money will be used by Courageous Woman, a self-help program in the village of Matenwa in Haiti. The organization will use the money to help women and children left homeless by the Jan. 12 earthquake.

"We have nothing else immediately in the works," Rae said. "But we're always looking for the opportunity to give back."