Project F.A.R.M.® Guidelines

In order to have the products you make be considered for PROJECT F.A.R.M. certification, you must comply with the following steps:

  1. Live and create your products in a small town of fewer than 40 stoplights.
  2. Create your products with care and the knowledge that you have made them as safe, pure, and with the highest standards as possible. You must follow safe manufacturing principles of cleanliness and sanitation to ensure the safety of your end products. You should feel pride that the quality of your workmanship will bring pleasure to those who purchase and use them. In short, they must be made with love.
  3. You must have a business resale license from your state, enabling you to do business in a legal manner and report and pay your taxes appropriately.
  4. You must have a Web presence, either your own site to show and describe your products, or a relatively inexpensive arrangement with a “free” service like etsy.
  5. You must be set up to accept online credit card payments. Your bank or PayPal can help you with that.
  6. Only after all of the above is in place, may you then contact MaryJanesFarm for the “seal of approval” from PROJECT F.A.R.M..
  7. That will require you to send a sample of your product for review by the acceptance committee. Your product will be reviewed for workmanship, presentation, and ingredient quality (in the case of body care products).
  8. If you must have your sample returned to you, please include return postage arrangements or your shipping ID.
  9. If the volume of products supplied to MaryJanesFarm for review from prospective affiliates becomes overwhelming, we reserve the right to charge a handling fee for the review process to fund the extra labor needed to handle the workload.

If your product is chosen to wear our “seal of approval,” we will provide links on the MaryJanesFarm Web site to your online site. The rewards could be substantial with the number of like-minded people viewing our site who may choose to visit yours. However, we make no estimates as to the future success of your venture based on our affiliation. (Our crystal ball has been out of order for some time now!) All business arrangements will be directly between you and the online shopper. MaryJanesFarm (and all of its employees) shall be held harmless for any difficulties that may arise from any of your online business dealings.

However, you just never know where things can lead! MaryJane is happy to be in a position to be able to offer this “helping hand” to others in small communities. She knows what it’s like.

They say “many hands make light work.” We also believe that satisfying work makes a light heart, and that the products made with pleasure can pass along that happy vibration to those who purchase them, which in turn, supports those who make them.

To be able to live in a small town and make a living there has been a challenge for many in the past. MaryJane Butters knows that as well as anyone does. She hopes to change things for the better with her PROJECT F.A.R.M. idea, and she invites you to join in this new adventure.

Send us an email, to begin the review process.

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