No-Knead Artisan BreadThe MaryJane Way!

Not so very long ago, bread was made using only two ingredients: flour and water. That was all—pulverized grains and good, fresh water. Naturally leavened bread, without chemical rising agents and baker’s yeast (one variety of yeast singled out), was the authentic staple of my grandmother’s generation, referred to as the “staff of life.” The notion that you shouldn’t eat anything unfamiliar to your grandmother certainly applies here.

Baking bread using your own sourdough starter is better for you because the starter pulls in wild yeast spores familiar to your body from the air and plants that surround you, rather than only one variety of yeast concocted in a factory somewhere. It’s like the difference between the diversity of a rainforest and a tree farm. Fortunately, you don’t need an earthen oven like our ancestors, but I do recommend flour milled from organic grains to recreate mouth-watering artisan sourdough breads in dozens of different styles and shapes. That said, let’s get started ... Loaf of Multi-Grain Sourdough Bread

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