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The American Organic Original

There’s a farmgirl in all of us…

MaryJanesFarm is an organic lifestyle magazine that aims to bring the healthy, safe homegrown aspects of farmgirl living into everyone’s daily life.

MaryJane Butters, a woman of many aprons, discovered she was a writer when she needed a mail-order catalog for her line of organic foods, produced at her Idaho farm. When her passion for good stories got out of hand, her catalog became a "storefront" magazine (MaryJanesFarm), finding its way into stores like Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart, and eventually landing on the desk of a literary agent in New York who encouraged her to write a book sharing her message of simple, everyday organic living.

Her first book, MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook—For the Farmgirl in All of Us, has since been followed by six more books: MaryJane’s Stitching Room, MaryJane’s Outpost—Unleashing Your Inner Wild, Glamping with MaryJane, Milk Cow Kitchen, Cast Iron Kitchen, and Wild Bread, as well as her children's book, Moo-n Over Main Street Metropolis. All of MaryJane's books are available in bookstores nationwide.

2019 Advertising Dates and Rates

Issue Deadlines: Ad
On Sale
Feb/Mar 11/16/18 11/21/18 1/01/19
Apr/May 1/18/19 1/23/19 3/5/19
June/July 3/22/19 3/27/19 5/7/19
Aug/Sep 5/24/19 5/29/19 7/9/19
Oct/Nov 7/26/19 7/31/19 9/10/19
Dec/Jan 20 9/20/19 9/25/19 11/5/19
Feb/Mar 20 11/15/19 11/20/19 12/31/19
Rates: 4-Color Rate
Back Cover $5,370
Inside Front Cover $5,050
Inside Back Cover $4,625
Full Page $4,200
1/2 Page Horizontal $2,525
1/3 Page Vertical $1,810
1/3 Page Square $1,790
1/4 Page $1,545
1/6 Page $1,200

Quick Facts

Circulation: 150,000
Total Readership: 435,000
Frequency: bimonthly
Subscription Price: $19.95 (6 issues)
Cover Price: $5.99