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Calling all farmgirls! Are you interested in finding out what’s new on our Farmgirl Connection forum? Take a peek at the variety of projects created by fabulous farmgirls at heart. We're sharing traveling dolls, aprons, books, creating Mail Art, making Charm Quilt squares ... who knows what we'll think of next? And ... you’re welcome to join in!

We’re now ready and willing to gather up all your mailing lists for these projects and manage them here at the farm. We’ve had lots of positive feedback on the forum about managing those here, so we’re glad to know that this will allow you to leave those worries to us and continue using your efforts in all your great creative endeavors! If you want to participate in one of these projects, just send us your name, physical address, e-mail address, and phone number. We’ll then monitor the lists to keep them private and safe. (If you’re the keeper of one of these lists, go ahead and push your send button headed our way, or send them snail mail … if you must.)

We have e-mail accounts ready and waiting for:

Just to refresh your memories, here’s a brief summary for each project listed above (we’ll add more as they get dreamed up!):

Birthdays (
Go to Cindylou’s April 18 post:
“Hi farmgirls! Here's an excerpt from MJ's book that comes out May 24, included for the purpose of prompting you to divulge your birthdays to me!!! I can keep track of them here and announce your special day to everyone here who chats. E-mail your date and chatroom "title/name" to me at Let's fuss and celebrate like MaryJane's mother did!!! "My mother met twice a month, without fail, for almost fifty years with a group of fifteen women that came from a cross section of religions. 'We called ourselves 'The Girls.' Jerry Grill, who lived four doors down, got the group started. She was outgoing and began inviting women to her house in the mornings for tea after we got our children off to school. When we had toddlers, we put them all together in a playroom in her house. Eventually, we moved our meetings to the evenings so our husbands could tend the children and we'd get a break. One night a month was always set aside for pinochle and the other night for needlwork--crocheting, embroidery, and knitting. And we always made a big deal out of our birthdays."

Mail Art (
This whole phenomenon started with climbergirl’s Dec. 22 post and is now up to 36 pages!
“Some of you may have heard of the phenomenon of mail art. Recently, I've been cleaning out the bedroom I grew up in and have come across bundles of letters I received as a child. They're from girls I met at summer gymnastics camp, college friends and boxes of tightly folded back-and-forth notes passed in the halls of high school. Some of the bundles have found their way back to the writers. Others, I'm still searching for the long lost writers! My point is, I miss receiving mail! I'd love to swap mail art with some like-minded people. The cool thing about mail art is that you don't have to think up one-liners to send to a complete stranger. And it's not as committed as a pen pal. All you have to do is decorate a post card (or scrap of cardboard and call it a postcard) or an envelope and send it off. Found objects, bits of blurry photos you were going to toss when you purged your photo box, your best friend's favorite saying - the sky is the limit. Anyone interested in giving this a try, email me your address and I'll send you my address.”

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