Corn Potholder
  corn potholder

Here are the instructions
we promised in my Outpost book, page 97. If you don’t have a copy of my book yet, order it here.

You’ll use both your knitting and crocheting skills for this project. The corn cob is knitted; the leaves are crocheted.

You’ll need:

  • Size 2 Crochet Hook
  • No. 5 Knitting Needles
  • 4-ply yarn in the following colors:
    • 16 yards MC, yellow
    • 20 yards CC, white
    • 12 yards green


Start with CC (white) and cast on 18. Turn.

Row 1 : K 2 in each st, turn (36 sts).

Rows 2, 3 : K each row, turn.

Row 4 : Pick up CC and k 4 sts; drop CC, pick up MC and k 4 sts with it; k 4 CC, carrying yarn snugly across the back of your work. Alternate colors, knitting 4 sts in each color and carrying the other color across, always keeping it to the same side or back of your work. Turn at the end of each row. Repeat until the corn is about 4 1/4 inches long. ( Each row will alternate colors to make a checkerboard pattern.

Next Row : With MC, K row, turn.

Next 2 Rows : K 2 tog, k remainder of row, turn.

With a needle, run a 6-inch length of thread through each st; draw tight and fasten. Sew edges together about 1 inch from the top.


Stem loop:  ch 20, sc back into each st of ch, sl st to 2 sts at beginning.

Beginning of Leaf :
Ch 8, sl st into a ring; ch 3 to count as a dc, make 19 dc into ring, sl st to beginning ch. (20 sts)

Center Stem of Leaf:
Ch 6, turn and sc back for center stem of leaf, sc into a circle, turn.

Remainder of Leaf:
1 sc, 1 hdc, 6 dc into side and end of leaf stem.
Ch 3, sl st to dc, 6 dc back up on other side, 1 hdc, 1 sc, sl st to center.
Sl st into next 3 sts on center and repeat leaf.

Repeat above to make 4 leaves. Sew leaves and stem loop to top end of corn.