Shell Stitch and Ribbon Head Wrap


  • 2 balls DMC Cebella green 100 % crochet cotton, size 20 (415 yards each)
  • Size 10 steel crochet hook
  • 3/16-inch-wide ribbon


Chain 16.

Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook and in next 6 chains, ch 3, skip next ch, sc in last 7 chs. Chain 4 turn 14 sc.

Row 2: (5 treble, ch 3, 5 treble) in next ch 3 space, shell stitch made, skip next 6 sc, tr in last sc. Ch 4 turn

Row 3: (5 tr, ch 3, 5 tr) in next ch 3 sp, sk next 3 tr, tr in last tr.

Continue with row 3 until piece measures 84 inches long or until you have reached desired length.

When you get to the desired length finish with ch 8, turn.

Final row: 5 sc in next ch 3 space, ch 4, skip next 5 tr, tr in last tr.

Edging: down long side 4 sc in end of each row, 3 sc in corner sc in each sc across end, 3 sc in corner, 4 sc in end of each row down other long side, 3 sc in corner, sc in each sc across end.

Row 2: 3 sc in corner sc, sc in each sc to next corner, 3 sc in corner around. Finish off and weave in ends.

Weave 3/16-inch ribbon through center ch 3 spaces.

Tuck ends of ribbon in and tack them on to the underside of the ribbon.