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 'The Zero Waste Lifestyle'

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
katmom Posted - Jan 19 2020 : 7:40:32 PM
I just finished reading "The Zero Waste Lifestyle' by Amy Korst

Oh how I wish I had come across this book years ago...
Although I am not ready to go 'cold turkey' into being waste free,, there are many areas in hubbies and my life style that we can cut down on our waste.
From bringing my own totes to the market to donating un-needed clothing, vision glasses to cutting up old clothing that is beyond donatable into cleaning rags.. even old flannel shirts can be cut to size for make-up removal face clothes.. To making our own 'handi-wipes...
I plan to try to make more of my own cleaning supplies.

I had no idea how easy it is to make ones own furniture polish...
1 tsp water
1 tsp olive oil

this is enough for about 4-5 large items..
Best to make fresh for each cleaning day as it does not have a long shelf life.

I checked the book out at our local library

Happiness is being a katmom and Glamping Diva! &

14   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
katmom Posted - Feb 21 2020 : 9:24:40 PM
Danyel,, I agree,, Baby steps.. but if we all take baby steps it will make a big difference.

Happiness is being a katmom and Glamping Diva! &

danyel Posted - Feb 21 2020 : 8:20:15 PM
Just went looking for the book. It sounds like itís a good read. I must be honest books are still my downfall, I do not like the kindle versions as I like to turn pages, underline, put in book marks, so I can refer back, plus I am trying to be mindful of my time spent on electronics. While I was at it I went looking for the tea infuser as well. Hmmm I see a trend... lol... as many of you mentioned since finding Mary Jane I have also had my eyes opened and learned so much! As I learn I share, to anyone that has the misfortune of being around me... the tea bags with micro beads I was just informed of last week, so I went looking for some tea sacks, that did not have the micro beads, mostly for on the go or having others over tea ( I do not have that many tea balls for when my farmgirl sisters get together each month) .

Looking and searching for more ways to be mindful of our earth, our food and water resources and air quality.

Just read ... lol ... an article on turning trash into fire logs, pretty interesting, basically sound like making a pulp from any trash that is accumulated- then pressed down and drained and dried ... my questions were on what about the water that drained off, and again air pollution when burning... best to limit trash... never thought of taking my own containers to take home left overs from the restaurant, I can see myself doing that. Have been replacing plastic ware for storage with glass or stainless covered with porcelain, also trying to eliminate microwave use...

Small steps , thinking I will enjoy the book. Itís in my cart for payday.

Farmgirl sister 4202
katmom Posted - Jan 21 2020 : 7:20:48 PM
Oh, and Jana,, luv'd the ECO blog in London.. I have saved it.. great site, Thanx for sharing.

Happiness is being a katmom and Glamping Diva! &

katmom Posted - Jan 21 2020 : 7:16:00 PM
Jana.. I know in Fresno, CA and up here in Spokane,, we have a store/market called 'WINCO',,, and they have a variety of what I call bulk bins..
and they have bins for grains etc., and those vertical cylinder/tubes with cereal, coffee, even candies as can use their plastic baggies or bring your own recyclable homemade bags. Keep in mind, your home made bag may weight a fraction more then the plastic bag,, but I don't mind.

Happiness is being a katmom and Glamping Diva! &

katmom Posted - Jan 21 2020 : 7:09:29 PM
Denise,, I too have a silicon tea strainer...

The grey one is a silicone strainer that you hang off the edge of the tea cup.

I also buy paper tea bags... which I have discovered can be used twice before tossing.
I have even used Melita (paper) coffee filters, folded to strain loose tea leaves.

It may sound silly, but even those store bought pre-made tea bags are a waste... I do buy specialty tea bags to tuck into my purse,, but.. guess what I found a couple of weeks ago..

just fill the tube with tea and tuck into my purse so when I am somewhere (friends or?)I can have a lovely cup of tea.. I have a dear friend who invites me over often,, and her Idea of a cup of tea is a mug, microwaved water and a Lipton tea bag :>(
Now I can bring my own...

Happiness is being a katmom and Glamping Diva! &

levisgrammy Posted - Jan 21 2020 : 4:31:05 PM
Really interested in this topic. I have purchased reusable tea bags. They are silicone I believe. I just put my loose tea in them and use. They are shaped like a tea bag. Much better to buy loose tea. Less waste.

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"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Psalm 119:105
HealingTouch Posted - Jan 21 2020 : 4:08:29 PM
I have been doing many things just as all of you have but there's so much more we can do. That's why it's so important for all of us to share what we know.
I take things to the thrift stores and buy from them also. Most of my books are used and then I pass them on. The glue on the tea bags upsets me. I guess
I'll have to open the bag and put it in a strainer! Thanks for sharing and we need to keep this thread going for anything we learn.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,
Sister 1922
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John 11: 35 Jesus wept.

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When it gets to hard to stand, Kneel!

janamarieje Posted - Jan 21 2020 : 1:05:06 PM
My daughter has been traveling and living in Europe for the past few years and loves the stores were you bring your own containers. Check out this article, Wouldn't it be nice to have stores like that here? There is a website,, but I find most of the stores on the list sell items in bulk but you fill up their plastic bag and put a code number on the item to help the cashier at check out. Maybe some day we will see movement toward this, but until then I like the DIY recipes available online.

MJF #7110

Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes. ~Author Unknown
All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt! ~Charles Schulz
Nancy Gartenman Posted - Jan 21 2020 : 12:53:45 PM
Looks like a good book to have. I just sent 5 bags and 4 boxes to the vets. I clean out three or four times a year. Reading a book like that helps you to pass things on and use what you have. Thanks for telling us about that book.
Nancy Jo

Ninibini Posted - Jan 21 2020 : 10:24:31 AM
Grace! I just started reading this book! AWESOME!! Thank you for the recommendation! One thing that has really changed since becoming part of this wonderful sisterhood and chat room is that we have SO much less garbage because I've learned to make so much for myself! Our neighbors put BAGS of garbage out every week, but we usually have maybe one. I attribute a lot of that to the fact that I've learned so much from all our farmgirl sisters about canning, dehydrating and other types of food preservation, as well as how to make my own cleansers, mixes, etc. I have become a big one for buying the basics, and I either grow things myself or use a lot of local sources for purchases like eggs, meat, produce... even wheat and flour! My house is full of canning jars and saved store jars full of good things (Whose containers I use over and over and over!), and I love that there are no chemicals to worry about in our food and other products. Homegrown and homemade are always best, if you have the time. I am really excited, though, to read this book and pick up even more ways to reduce the waste and leave less of a footprint.

Have you girls ever noticed how bad the stores smell of chemicals? Not just the obvious aisles at the home improvement and gardening shops, but the grocery, big box and clothing stores! Next time you walk down your favorite grocer's aisles, for example, take a moment to really notice. It will absolutely freak you out. I think we just don't notice because we are so used to it. Sickening! I am so grateful to live in an area where so many local sources are readily available. I pray it will always be that way!

If you girls want I'LL make that tea and those scones - and take notes!! ;) I thank GOD for MaryJane and all of you for opening my eyes and improving our lives!!!

Hugs and love -


Farmgirl Sister #1974

God gave us two hands... one to help ourselves, and one to help others!

katmom Posted - Jan 21 2020 : 09:56:14 AM
I soo agree,,, we can,, and we must..

Spokane has a waste/land fill,, and then they built several high end housing tract near it!! OMG!,,. and if that isn't bad enough,, the reclamation water plant,, is on the side of the Spokane river! !! Hubby loves to fish,, but he 'catch and release' .. we wouldn't dream of consuming the fish...

Our local Yokes market still cuts and packages it's poultry and meats.. so I go in and ask,, when they aren't to busy,, they cut up and wax paper wrap my meats.. I have noticed lately a couple of the Butchers are not so accommodating...
I make my own beef jerky.. and it is so much easier for me to have them slice the beef into a shy 1/4" thickness.. but again,, they are starting to be "to busy right now" to do it.. So, not a problem,, we have two Meat markets in Spokane,, a bit out of the way,, but they just might be getting my business here in the future.
I guess our little market peeps just don't want the work,, it's easier for them to pre-slice, toss on a foam plate and plastic wrap the meat.. again,, Lazy?

Oh, I forgot to mention,, Spokane no longer uses the land fill anymore.. They burn the waste for Power... and they have a huge recycling area... and a mini "store/shelves' area.. for free paint, lawn chemicals, chemicals etc.. drop off what you don't need that is still usable and take what you want.. We have actually gotten paint thinner, wood stain and soil amendment..
What a great idea to.. pass it on...

Oh Winnie,, one of these days you and I will sit for tea and scones and solve the worlds waste problems...

Happiness is being a katmom and Glamping Diva! &

Red Tractor Girl Posted - Jan 21 2020 : 05:29:10 AM
Grace, you and I are on the same page about waste. I have participated, mindlessly, for decades in being wasteful like everyone else. But today, with the huge need to get a handle on all of these years of wasting and over use of plastics, I am making a huge effort to make changes I can do and being more mindful about ways to not waste.

Recently, I was flying in and out of Atlanta, Ga. airport on a clear day. For the last 15 minutes, when we were down close enough to see the landscape with details, I kept seeing these big mounds of earth well cultivated. These were on the outskirts of the large metro area of Atlanta, and I kept trying to figure out what they are. As the plane descended even more, I could see that they were parts of the landfill program for waste. n simple terms, they were waste hills that have been needed to manage all the waste of a metro area of about 4 million people. think about that., Not one mound, but many mounds of land were now dedicated to waste management. What does that say for the landís usability in the future? The effect they have on the water aquifer below? What will happen as the city continues to grow? Now multiply that issue around Atlanta and think about bigger cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles , New York City??? Where are they putting all their waste? When you look at what is really done to manage all the waste, you quickly see that this is not sustainable as the population grows and land availability is needed for people and for green areas . We all are going to need to think and do differently if we want a healthy and decent future for our children and grandchildren and generations after them. America has had a long history of taking advantage of our beautiful country and exploit it Ďs resources for our own benefits. Waste is one of the most obvious of the effects of our long negligence that now is a glaring problem for every city, water supply, and oceans. We must and can do better with just a shift in out thinking and making some easy changes.

Winnie #3109
Red Tractor Girl
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katmom Posted - Jan 20 2020 : 11:22:44 PM
Winnie,, I just recently saw a video about the micro glue.. scary and sad..

You are right, we have become a wasteful society,, so much so, that it has become acceptable to be wasteful..

Clothes are so cheap that people buy more than they need,, and discard with out thinking...
I am amazed when I watch people in eateries, they leave so much un-eaten food on their plates,, coffees half drank.. They take more straws and napkins and condiments then they need, only to toss into the trash...

Even when I was working, I would gather up the cast aside sheets of paper by the copy machine, and then cut up into stacks, staple them and use for scratch note pads.. even if there was printing on the other side..

At our local Post Office,, where I have a P.O. Box... I am amazed at the amount of mail/ads/news papers that are tossed into the trash,, and yet there is a recycle bin by the door.. but no one bothers to use it... well,, except to toss their 1/2 drank coffee cup into..

The problem about waste is.. we humans are to Lazy to make an effort to recycle...
We are about convinence, not caring....

I may not be perfect about limiting my waste,,, what I use,, what I buy,, but I am trying,,, and taking the time to learn what I can do to not add to the problem of waste.

Winnie, I think we 'farm gals at heart' do care and I think we can make a difference,, no matter how small.

Happiness is being a katmom and Glamping Diva! &

Red Tractor Girl Posted - Jan 20 2020 : 07:08:19 AM
Grace, I should read that book too. While I have been urgently working on the whole zero waste lifestyle, I know I could learn more information and tips. It is really hard to achieve in out throw away society and things are not made to last like they were decades ago. Cheap clothing and plastic everything has led to waste that is hard to deal with. I recently learned that China used to purchase a lot of our plastic that we could not recycle here in the US. They have quit doing that now, so the question I have is what is happening to all that plastic???? We already know that there is a huge plastic waste pool in the Pacific ocean from dumping. Any one of us would go ballistic if someone dumped a bunch of nasty old plastics in our backyards so why do we not do something about our Pacific Ocean and every stream and river and lake here in the US? However, I am sure you have noticed that everything you purchase is mostly in plastic containers. Did you know even most tea bags have plastic micro beads in the glues? Micro beads are what get into our water systems and clog up tiny fish gills which are important food sources for whales(krill), birds, and larger fish. My head starts to swim when I think about everything I do alone by being uninformed to our planet's future! So, I am on the hunt for sustainable foods, packaging, and everything else from soup to nuts. I only wish I had taken this on decades ago!! Keep us posted on your new changes and hopefully others will add what they are doing! This conversation is a great one to highlight in this New Year!!

One thing I must say is that MaryJane has been writing about this topic and sharing alternatives to things that harm us and the planet for decades in her books, magazines and writings. She is very conscious about eco friendly and sustainability and her resources are a wonderful collection of ideas and affordable suggestions. I am reading these over again and making mental notes about my next steps. We are lucky to have MaryJane championing these difficult changes and sharing them with her readers!

Winnie #3109
Red Tractor Girl
Farm Sister of the Year 2014-2015
FGOTM- October 2018

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