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T O P I C    R E V I E W
cajungal Posted - Jan 18 2008 : 06:07:44 AM
I'm a whimp....The high for today is around 40 degrees and we're hunkering down like it's a snow storm.

I've never lived north of I-10 (check a road map and I-10 runs along the Gulf Coast) I can take our 100 degrees and up in the summer, even working in the yard at peak heat index time sometimes over 110 degrees.

But cold.....bbbbbrrrrrrrrr! I can't do it! I'm so impressed with all y'all in the colder climates. Y'all Rock! I do hope that before I leave this earth I'll get to see snow.

People aren't the only whimps....our animals beg to be warmed up. I have friends with horses that blanket them at this temperature and I'm sure some of you would laugh at that!

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One of the best compliments from one of my daughters: "Moma, you smell dirt."
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MrsHurlbut Posted - Nov 30 2015 : 06:39:43 AM
Haha!! Oh it's fun! It was rifle season for deer in our neck of the woods. It was so cold but it's worth it when you shoot one. Your blood is pumping so hard that you forget you can't feel your toes! haha!!!

Mrs Hurlbut #5131
Wife, Mother, Soldier, Blessed
darlenelovesart Posted - Nov 23 2015 : 4:52:07 PM
Oh my you do have to be tough in that kind of weather if you want to hunt. You can do it, I think, Thank you for serving though.

I love this you made me laugh. I guess hunting got the better on this one.

I hope you get what you want out there and I guess you can't jump around up there, what are you hunting anyway? And good luck :D


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Just follow God unquestioningly.
Because you love Him so, for if you trust His judgment there is nothing you need to know.

I trust in you Jesus...
MrsHurlbut Posted - Nov 23 2015 : 1:36:16 PM
I'll tell ya, I thought I was pretty tough. I mean, I'm in the National Guard, I'm a mom, soldier, wife, full time job, etc. I can usually toughen out most situations.

But hunting, at 530am (before the sun comes up) and sitting in a tree stand 20ft off the ground, with wind and sleet blowing in every direction, with a wind chill of around 10 for a couple hours, now that's cold!!!! What was I thinking?!

Typically when it's that cold I'm up moving around. But sitting still in a stand high in the air with the wind is so stinkin cold! haha!

Mrs Hurlbut #5131
Wife, Mother, Soldier, Blessed
churunga Posted - Nov 23 2015 : 08:34:03 AM
Come here to Minnesota. I'll toughen you up. All joking aside, it is just a matter of knowing what and how much to wear. Right now, I am sitting inside wearing a tank top because the apartment is so warm. I may put on a light sweater later. For the morning dog walk, I wore a warm wool sweater because the sun was shining and there was no wind.

Marie, Sister #5142
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cajungal Posted - Nov 23 2015 : 04:25:57 AM
I woke up this "cold"(34 degrees) morning and thought, "I am such a wimp in cold weather". I vaguely remembered that I called myself that some years ago in a post. I searched for it and found it. I can't believe that was almost 8 years ago. Nothing has changed!

I am still amazed at all y'all that live where it snows and where 30 degrees is considered mild cold.

I am still a wimp. :)

Sister #76 (2005)
One of the best compliments from one of my daughters: "Moma, you smell dirt.

carmeniris Posted - Jan 22 2008 : 05:30:36 AM
40 is shorts weather where I live. (Not kidding.) This Sunday, Little Falls was -24. Yes, I mean minus. Lucky the wind was calm that day so we had no windchill. By the way, I am from the tropics so every year about this time I wonder if I am crazy. Still, I have been in Minnesota 20 years. No, I did not go out that day. Yesterday was a toasty -9.
22shortie Posted - Jan 21 2008 : 4:05:45 PM
I have lived here ( about 2o miles from the Gulf of Mexico) all my life. When I got married I moved to Dallas and lived there for about six months and that was the coldest six months of my life....I could not beleive how cold it got there and ice actually stayed on the roads and didn't melt immediatly. It was nice to see how all of you northeners (:) ) live but I'm happy to be back in the south were i can wear my summer clothes AMLOST all year long! This HAS been a chilly winter so far though : )
cajungal Posted - Jan 21 2008 : 2:49:09 PM
Hey Y'all! Still not gettin' below 35. Another thing about living way down here is not only the non-existent snow but the lack of changing colors in the leaves. Those are both things I'd like to see one day.

My girls had a playday with their horses on Sun. They did so well on the barrels! Y'all should've seen all us grown-ups wrapped in blankets. pitiful! When we got home, I watched the last bit of the game and saw it was below 0!!! That was amazing to see those guys playing and the fans braving it in that cold.

I have a friend who moved here 8 years ago from Kansas. She told me of how nice it was to be able to keep her windows open and get the fresh air. In Kansas, they would not have to use the air conditioner until June. I told her she'd be using the a/c by April down here. They tried so hard to tough it out. After they realized that no one was going to visit them (because their house was so hot) they turned on the a/c. Now, she's used to the climate here and can't take our "cold". I guess with time our bodies can acclomate (sp?).

Farmgirl Sister #76

One of the best compliments from one of my daughters: "Moma, you smell dirt."
katmom Posted - Jan 20 2008 : 11:07:22 PM
I love it here in Spokane,,,how ever I can hardly wait for Spring, to poke my head out like a tulip...
I can handle cold winter but since I am an avid gardener I love a nice hot (80-90) summer.
>^..^< Happiness is being a katmom.
Sisters on the Fly#472
YiberryYadeeKarin Posted - Jan 20 2008 : 1:51:30 PM
I can understand why 40 would feel cold to you if you're not used to it. High humidity also makes it feel colder.

It's a sunny, but windy and cold day, in the Spokane area. We had snow last night and it's blowing around in the wind. We are supposed to have lows around zero and below for the next few nights. My ex husband is heading for northern Quebec on Tuesday, to visit his mother. He says the HIGH there right now is around zero and the lows are something like 17 below Farenheit...

I have a friend who grew up in Massachusetts but now lives in the St. Petersburg area of Florida. She's always trying to "tease" me with stories of it being cold at 50 degrees. I'm not impressed, though. I like the cold. I'm a "heat weanie" and don't really like it above 70! In the 80s I'm very unhappy and in the 90s I wither... When it hits 100 I start to melt.

I'll take cold and low humidity any day! Karin
catscharm74 Posted - Jan 20 2008 : 09:28:40 AM
Oh Catherine- I think we are long lost sisters!!! LOL

Seriously, give me 110 degrees with humidity and heat and I will be happy!! Make it cold and I will sit hunkered in between the dog and the kid, muttering someting about summer!!!

Just another reason- I love TEXAS!!!! And I grew up in CT- I can't even imagine living there now!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

bboopster Posted - Jan 20 2008 : 09:14:51 AM
Thank goodness for our outside wood burning boiler. It's -9 wind chill -29. High of 2 today! But the sun is out! I have our temp set for 70 also. My DH has been having to fill the boiler 3 times a day. 2 times more then normal. I also have the fireplace going today. I am such a freezy cat. Tomorrow the snow returns but it will also warm to 16. A heat wave!!!!!!
3 Blue Star Mother and Proud of it!
Pray for our troops to come home safe and soon.
Enjoying the road to the simple life :>)
kissmekate Posted - Jan 20 2008 : 09:01:03 AM
It was -11 last night, with -35 windchills. I went out dancing/karoaking with friends for a birthday celebration. The cold weather was shocking but I wore my warm coat (like a sleeping bag with arm holes-lol) and warmed up the car half way thru. I was fine going home, except my car didn't seem to want to go much faster than fifty. So, I didn't.
I have left my heat set at 70 since Thursday night when this cold snap hit us. It will be gone by Tuesday, when life will return to a normal/bearable 15-20 degrees, unless the weather guy has changed "the models" since I heard the weather last.

Don't miss out on a blessing, just because it isn't packaged the way you expected. ~MaryJo Copeland
katie-ell Posted - Jan 19 2008 : 10:34:26 AM
Betty Jo -- There's no fool like a football fan sans shirt and with painted chest! But I think Sunday might be too cold even for those who are 'well-fueled'. Stay warm as you watch the Packers. The Chicago Bears beat the Pack on a cold day in Chicago a few weeks back (!!), and Brett F. said it was the coldest game conditions he'd ever been in. Well, Brett, put on more long johns! It's gonna be brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold!
bboopster Posted - Jan 19 2008 : 06:41:34 AM
I'm a Farmgirl from Packer Land. We are at -7.6 with a wind chill of -25. We are looking at a high of 2 today and then the bottom is to drop out. Start of game temp on Sunday -1. I'm not a die hard fan and you will find me at home in front of a fire watching our Green and Gold play in the fridget cold. I have a hard time believing that the Packers are playing at night. But you can be sure that some Cheese Head will be out there in the cold watching in less then summer attire.
3 Blue Star Mother and Proud of it!
Pray for our troops to come home safe and soon.
Enjoying the road to the simple life :>)
cajungal Posted - Jan 19 2008 : 04:06:12 AM
I was determined to be "tough" yesterday. So, my girls and I sat outside and sipped hot chocolate. Yum! We talked about how pioneers that slept in the loft of their home would wake up with snow upon them. The snow would fall through the cracks in the roof. (I heard this at a living farm tour)

I'll be real tough today because I need to reset some fence posts that got "jiggly" after rain. I'll be in 45 degrees, chilly rain and tromping through mud.....that is tough, right?

Farmgirl Sister #76

One of the best compliments from one of my daughters: "Moma, you smell dirt."
myfairlady636 Posted - Jan 18 2008 : 2:19:42 PM
Speaking of the Packers, #51 Brady Poppinga is from our town, I don't watch.. don't even have TV, but it is a pretty big deal for the folks here in town to "know" Brady and of course we are all Packers fans!

My Fair Lady Farm Girl Sister # 92

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katie-ell Posted - Jan 18 2008 : 11:50:09 AM
OK, you girls are not cold until you are here in Chicago -- we will be below zero tonight with -20 to -40 wind chills. It's cold!!

I know what you're going through, Kate. We left the faucets at a trickle last night to prevent the pipes from freezing. And won't it be cold for the Green Bay Packers home game on Sunday!!

Alee Posted - Jan 18 2008 : 11:36:12 AM
I don't think you are a wimp for not liking the cold! 40 degrees is still plenty chilly! And if that is the lowest you ever really experience- it can feel REALLY cold! The horses are used to warmer temperatures too- so they need that blanket!

Farmgirl Sister #8
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therusticcottage Posted - Jan 18 2008 : 11:14:35 AM
NW summers on the West side of the Cascades are fabulous! We get marine air from the coast, no humidity, cools off to about 50 every night. We do have the occasional hot spell in the 90's and maybe 100 - late July/early August. But mostly 80 to 85 every day. Our summers make it worth putting up with all the rain in the winter.

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kissmekate Posted - Jan 18 2008 : 08:14:40 AM
Ha, I can beat all of you! It is a balmy 1 degree right now, and we are expected to have a high of -5 degrees tomorrow, with 20-35 below zero windchills.
I am hunkered down at work with my heat on under my desk and my long fuzzy sweater on. At home, we are stocked up and don't plan on doing much this weekend beside watching tv/movies or playing games.
Just pray the pipes won't freeze, or the furnace keeps running smoothly...I live in fear of it not working in this weather.

Don't miss out on a blessing, just because it isn't packaged the way you expected. ~MaryJo Copeland
myfairlady636 Posted - Jan 18 2008 : 08:02:53 AM
Lol, you girls are in the tropics... LOL it is 19 here this morning!!!!

My Fair Lady Farm Girl Sister # 92

"Our lives have meaning, purpose and direction"
Tammy Claxton Posted - Jan 18 2008 : 07:39:18 AM
It's about 38 here today. Major snowstorm due here tomorrow too. I couldn't live in the south because of the heat! lol. I need some snow in the winter. I'd go completely nuts without seeing it in my backyard! I think you girls that live in those warmer climates rock as well! I couldn't do it!! I tried living in South Carolina and lasted 6 months. I'm just a sucker for a snow storm!

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!
Amie C. Posted - Jan 18 2008 : 07:27:07 AM
We've been having temps in the 40s up here since Christmas. It's supposed to go down to about 10 this weekend, which is more normal for our part of the world in January. Boy, I could get used to a NW or Gulf Coast winter. But your summers might kill me!

About seeing snow for the first time, that reminds me of a funny thing that happened at my husband's grad school. They had a lot of African students who had no idea what snow was. This was in southern PA, and the first winter we were there was very warm. No snow at all. A student from upstate went home for a visit and brought back a cooler full of snow to show one of the Africans, a man named Sunday. When he opened the cooler, Sunday jumped back like he'd seen a snake inside! He hated snow right from the first moment. When we finally got some snowfall the following winter, poor Sunday always looked like a dog going to the vet when he put on his boots and ventured out into it.

I guess it's all about what you're used to...
the bees knees Posted - Jan 18 2008 : 06:50:57 AM
well, girls, I'm northeast LA so, it does get a little cooler here than down there where ya'll are...but, I do agree, I don't think we have a clue about 'real'cold weather!!!Ha!

Farmgirl Sister #82-Joyce of 'The Shabby Girls'

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