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T O P I C    R E V I E W
marjean Posted - Sep 08 2014 : 11:00:52 AM
Howdy Farm Girls,

I read in one of the MJF issues a while back about Earthing. It really interested me enough to buy the book. I then finished it and put it down and forgot it.

My new doctor I started seeing last July recommended I get an Earthing mat. To his surprise I knew all about it, but was afraid to get one.

Here in FL there is so much rain that if I were to walk barefoot I'd have a worm in my foot faster than you can say: sugar! Used to happen to me all the time as a kid!

So, on his recommendation I went to the website
and ordered a universal mat. I use it in bed at night and during the day when I start to feel drained.

The reason it is so important is that it puts electrons from the earth back into our body. If we get depleted of them it allows the body to be a prime candidate for cancer and heart disease etc...

It has helped my heart valve arrhythmia problem to calm down so much that I rarely get a palpitation that I notice. It also strengthens the immune system and so much more.

Check it out and improve your health! If you have Lyme disease you have to start very slow, like 5 minutes a day and build up otherwise the herx affect will be severe.

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21   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
loribeck Posted - Aug 05 2019 : 6:24:38 PM
I am learning so many things I don't know how I can keep it all in my head. LOL. I still run around the yard barefoot all spring and summer long. It's nice to know that my momma was right about it having so many health benefits. I try to make sure I spend some time outside everyday with no shoes on.

Lori Beck
StitchinWitch Posted - Aug 05 2019 : 12:28:15 PM
Lori -- My Mother said the same thing! We would go on picnics on Sundays because she said she felt closer to God outside than in a crowded church. I also went barefoot a lot until a few years ago when I was diagnosed with neuropathy. But I still go barefoot in the house.


Happiness is Homemade
marjean Posted - Aug 05 2019 : 09:17:21 AM
Hi Lori,
Yes, I learned about earthing from MaryJane's magazine and then a few years later one of my holistic MD's recommended I get a mat.
I am so glad I did. It is so helpful during the solar flair to reduce the effects of extra radiation.

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loribeck Posted - Aug 04 2019 : 5:54:28 PM
Wow! I have never heard of Earthing. What an awesome topic. I am a barefoot girl all summer and fall. Never thought about trying it in the winter although as a child I did. I have heard that it was healthy from my mom as a child. She said that being close to nature was like being close to God.

Lori Beck
marjean Posted - Jul 22 2015 : 12:29:41 PM
Dena let us know how you do with the earthing pad. I love mine. I keep it at the end of my bed and use it before I go to sleep and it relaxes me. I have to go slow with the Lyme and have learned how long I can use it before it excites my brain. lol

I also use it when I wake up in the morning to give me energy. I found the solution to my sleep problem through my new doctor. I mention it under my other thread about my Lyme.

Happy Earthing!

Farmgirl sister #308
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dena91 Posted - Mar 09 2015 : 12:50:46 PM
Ok, I love this thread because I have been experimenting with this too!

Ceejay - I have been standing outside in teen temps (below zero wind chills) holding onto a tree by our chicken coop for 10 minutes a day! (No grass exposed right now) I know how you feel! I'm doing it right now because I am almost DESPERATE to get some good, deep sleep! After reading Dr. Koniver's website, it sounded like earthing might help me sleep better again (peri menopause gone wild - restless sleep, hot flashes...keeping me awake the second half of the night).

To help even more, we just bought a Plush Pad Earthing throw to sleep on at night. We want to buy sheets (209.00 - pretty spendy though) so we a trying the throw at 69.00 to see if I have improvements before investing in the sheets.

So excited about this whole idea! Also excited to just walk outside again barefoot!


Farmgirl 5620
ceejay48 Posted - Mar 05 2015 : 3:31:23 PM
Managing to do barefoot earthing outside most days even with snow! It's melting rapidly and showing green grass underneath!
So, here I am barefoot on a sliver of bare ground at the edge of the snow. Even walked in the snow but that's COLD . . . reminds me of trying to wade in our favorite high mountain lake, Hope Lake which is above timberline and fed by glacier snow . . . BRRRRRRRRR!

..from the barefoot farmgirl in SW Colorado...sister chick #665.
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ceejay48 Posted - Feb 20 2015 : 10:07:31 AM
I have been barefoot most of my life and run around that way outside . . and inside . . . as much as possible. This winter I've been making a special effort to either walk barefoot outside or sit with my bare feet on the ground. That's the advantage to our very mild winter. If we were having a normal winter there would be snow on the ground right now and it would be too cold.

Dr. Koniver references Earthing in the MJF magazine December-January 2015 issue, page 56. You can go read more about it and sign up to receive her email news at her website which is in her little blurb. She recommends at least 10 minutes per day.
In further research I understand that you benefit the most by having bare skin in contact with the surface, which can also include trees, water and concrete. Wood, asphalt, vinyl etc are surfaces that don't work.

I haven't ordered any of the pads, but am looking at the plush pad, mainly for sleeping. Money is really tight and the cost is pretty much what is holding me back. Just came in from taking my kitty cat for walk in the yard . . . I was barefoot, she was too and wearing her harness and leash (that's the only way she can be outside).
I'm hopeful . . .

..from the barefoot farmgirl in SW Colorado...sister chick #665.
2010 Farmgirl Sister of the Year

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Daizy Posted - Feb 04 2015 : 05:48:07 AM
Im an Earth Girl from way back. Momma could never keep my shoes on me. Therefore, they were all over the place, she would find one in the downstairs and one outside. There is nothing nicer then sticking my feet on Mother Earth. I hate to have to wear shoes. The best part is to just lay down on Mother Earth and get the full effect. Try it.

Hugs and prayers, Daizy #1093
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marjean Posted - Feb 03 2015 : 12:58:13 PM
We finally got rid of them with a pesticide that you put on the end of a q-tip. I would not use anything else. It is odorless and works fast! We now have another kind of tiny ant in the kitchen again and the q-tip stuff does not work for them. lol
My daughter left the compost container out on the counter one night and that is when they showed up the next day. UGH!

Farmgirl sister #308
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cajungal Posted - Dec 29 2014 : 7:53:48 PM
Yikes!, Marsha, that's got to be frustrating to deal with allergies like that. And, being in Florida, you definitely have biting critters like mosquitoes and gnats along with others like spiders and bees.

The ants have been awful here, too. I'm not sure what it's attributed to. Fire Ants have increased, the little Sugar Ants have been coming in the house. And now, the Houston area is being invaded by the Crazy Ants. The tunnels are so invasive and long, it is difficult to take control of them.

Going back to your original topic....I've been reading through various information about earthing and I am very interested and intrigued now.

Sister #76 (2005)
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marjean Posted - Dec 29 2014 : 10:37:46 AM
I'm going to invest in the earthing fitted sheet next year. When you have chronic health issues the longer you can be grounded the better it is for your health. So, they say sleeping on one is the best medicine!

Marie you might want to check out their website and try one of the products. I use the mat on the foot of my bed.

Catherine I am allergic to so many bug bites that I don't dare walk barefoot, touch trees or plants in fear of what might bite or sting me. It has happened so many times with adverse reactions that I wear gloves and boots now when I go outdoors in the yard or on walks.

We were being invaded by ants of all kinds this year. We finally had to get professional pesticides to get them out of the house and out of the yard. It was odorless and you only put a dab on a qtip. I would not allow it in my house otherwise.

Farmgirl sister #308
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cajungal Posted - Dec 28 2014 : 4:50:42 PM
Marsha, I agree with what you're saying about parasites. I dealt with problems as a kid, too. I did a bunch of walking and playing in mud puddles and walking in the banks of muddy bayous.

Today, I just try to steer clear of mud puddles. I don't know if it's scientific or not, but I figure I'm in lower exposure on the dry ground. I could be completely wrong. I'm usually more worried about my exposure to all the manure of my farm animals when I clean up their pens...not that I'm barefoot doing that! lol I have my doc do some tests every couple years to check that I'm clear. So far, so good.

Sister #76 (2005)
One of the best compliments from one of my daughters: "Moma, you smell dirt.

churunga Posted - Dec 28 2014 : 11:33:07 AM
I want to try this. Here in Minnesota, there are really only two weeks in the year in which it is warm enough to walk bare footed outside. LOL I have to be very careful about my feet because of the diabetes. I have walked in my garden without shores and loved it. The rest of the yard is a problem because of the concrete pieces which weren't picked up and the dog refuse left lying around. I will definitely go shoeless in my garden as soon as the soil heats up.

Marie, Sister #5142
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marjean Posted - Dec 28 2014 : 10:05:16 AM
Here is Florida we have so many parasites in the soil I don't go barefoot outside. I used to all the time as a kid and loved to play in the mud, climbing trees and just laying in the grass and look at the sky. So, the next best thing for me is now the Earthing Mat.

My daughter loves to go to the beach and walk barefoot or go to parks and sit on the grass and read or take photos of the nature.

I actually got to speak to the author of the Earthing book. And, they will put me in one of their upcoming books or blog posts with my update after using it for a year!

Farmgirl sister #308
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star-schipp Posted - Dec 27 2014 : 6:06:09 PM
This certainly gives me something to think about - I have not gone barefoot for years much less lie down in the grass on purpose...LOL

Wonder what my nurse husband would think if I told it I had Dr. orders to go Earthing daily...I need to go back and look up that article - I must have missed it.

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cajungal Posted - Dec 27 2014 : 5:43:41 PM
Marsha, I do notice that I'm happiest and more energized when I'm outside and the feeling lasts long after I've come inside. I am pretty healthy most of the time. Except this past month I had the flu for several days. I'm definitely going to look into the specifics of the concept.

MaryJane, I giggled at your description of someone laying down on the ground would "give those passing by serious pause". If people saw the things I do on my property, I'd be embarrassed....they would be, too. :)

Sister #76 (2005)
One of the best compliments from one of my daughters: "Moma, you smell dirt.

MaryJane Posted - Dec 27 2014 : 3:38:07 PM
Dr. Koniver's Earthing concept as described in the MJF column she writes for us totally works when I'm traveling or flying for hours on end. I start to feel undone and slightly headachey, so I make it a point to find a patch of grass or bare earth somewhere, lay back, put my palms down, close my eyes and breath deep. In five minutes, I'm good to go again, headachey feeling totally gone. Makes a huge difference. I highly recommend it. If I can't find a patch of earth big enough to lay back on (or someone laying prone would give those passing by serious pause), I lean against a tree trunk. I did that in a little courtyard next to a church a couple of weeks ago when I was in NYC for business meetings. It saves me every time. So simple, so effective.

MaryJane, Farmgirl #1 Plowin' Thru ~ giving aprons a good wrap for 45 years and counting ~
marjean Posted - Dec 27 2014 : 1:14:04 PM
Have you noticed you stay healthy and feel better than others around you Catherine?

Farmgirl sister #308
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cajungal Posted - Dec 27 2014 : 1:08:24 PM
Wow! Cool info. I had no idea that I've been 'earthing' all these years.

I walk around barefoot outside all the time. The only place I don't walk barefoot in is the chicken coop. That would be extremely gross. I also take my afternoon nap on the ground in a nice patch of fluffy grass. I love those naps more than sleeping in my bed and now I know why.

I can't wait to show my hubby the cute little video on the website. He never walks barefoot. We joke that his feet are so much softer than mine!! lol

Sister #76 (2005)
One of the best compliments from one of my daughters: "Moma, you smell dirt.

marjean Posted - Dec 27 2014 : 12:09:43 PM
Anyone with Lyme disease I highly recommend getting this product. It has helped me so much with my overall health!

Farmgirl sister #308
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