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T O P I C    R E V I E W
wildflower17 Posted - Mar 05 2021 : 2:06:09 PM

I would like to hear thoughts about taking the Covid 19 Vaccine.



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Red Tractor Girl Posted - May 27 2022 : 11:38:03 AM
Melody, that is an extraordinary thing to consider! I ordered a book online about the 1918 Flu Pandemic from Amazon and found it very interesting. There are many parallels that are interesting to note as well . Glad to hear that your hubby has had mild symptoms with his Covid outbreak.

Winnie #3109
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melody Posted - May 26 2022 : 09:02:21 AM
husband is just out of quarantine having contracted covid on a business trip last week. pretty mild symptoms. we have been very diligent since day one-vaccinations completed plus 2nd boosters. We are grateful the symptoms are mild which is just what was supposed to happen when one contracts this filthy virus. Unimaginable, how many have lost their lives-we know of three in our immediate circle. I was just thinking the other day...our house was built in 1898 and so the residents experienced the first great pandemic of 1918 and here we are in 2022 and experienced the same thing in this old house.

Lacey Posted - Mar 18 2022 : 5:14:37 PM
I agree that it is a individual choice. I personally belive in the science of the vaccines. A few people that I have know have past of Covid...I wish they recieved the vaccine so maybe they could still be here. I hope everyone here takes the precautions they believe in and stays safe so you can live a long and happy life.

Rea Nakanishi
Farm Girl Of The Month Jan. 2022
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lovecatsandsunshine Posted - Mar 17 2022 : 07:49:12 AM
We all have choices to make. I reacted bad to the pnuemonia vaccine in 2011. I knew something was wrong and got the right help to figure out what happened. I was diagnosed with auto immune Hashimoto's thyroiditis. My Dr said no more shots-period
Shannon, We are now living in the Upstate now. Glad to be back in the mountains

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hudsonsinaf Posted - Jan 09 2022 : 5:28:19 PM
I will definitely take the time to read the article and ponder what it says. As far as vaccinations for children... we almost lost one of our children due to the vaccination. At just a few months old she went completely limp noodle, aka hypotonic, within 24 hours of the DTaP. They were not sure she would survive. They are not sure whether she reacted to the adjuvants in it, the preservatives in it, or the vaccine itself. Since then, we have been tested and all have an MTHFR gene mutation which apparently makes us more susceptible to reacting poorly to vaccinations. We have all already had the virus... twice. No vaccine is going to give better immune protection than having and built our own antibodies for the virus.

I am so thankful your grandchildren see pediatricians that care and take their well being to heart! What a blessing!!! More often than not, you hear about doctors that are not nearly as compassionate, and it is so wonderful to hear about ones that are!!! I'm so thankful the doctor allowed the testing and the parents to make an informed decision!!!!

~ Shannon, Sister # 5349
Farmgirl of the Month - January 2016
MaryJane Posted - Jan 07 2022 : 3:18:44 PM
Here's an excellent article that gives the background on the Covid vaccine and the scientists and science behind it. I hope you'll read it.

Shannon, one of my granddaughters doesn't tolerate vaccines very well at all. Her sister has had all her childhood vaccines with nary a hiccup. For the granddaughter who has trouble (her symptoms are anxiousness and vomiting), we worked with our doctor to have her administer only the measles vaccine and nothing else. Even so, my granddaughter had a reaction to it, but she wanted to try it because there was an outbreak of measles at her school and for the sake of the immunocompromised children (one of them was her best friend), they asked that all children be vaccinated. I remember seeking out the measles vaccine when I was 15 (I hadn't contracted measles yet) because I babysat a toddler who was deaf, a result of her mother contracting measles during the first three months of her pregnancy. As part of the polio generation, I'm pretty sure I have an immunity to vaccine hesitancy:)

The science behind the Covid vaccine is dramatically different than all previous vaccines. The granddaughter we were nervous about tolerated it perfectly and is set to get her booster next week. At this point, all the members of my family have been vaccinated for Covid, including employees who work here at the farm.

On another note, one of my granddaughters needed to take a certain medication recently, so the doctor used new science to swab the inside of her mouth first to see how she would react to it. I'm hoping that technology is soon available to pre-test children for their tolerance to vaccines. The best way to protect someone in your family who you think might be sensitive to the Covid vaccine, is to be vaccinated yourself.

MaryJane, Farmgirl #1 Plowin' Thru ~ giving aprons a good wrap for 45 years and counting ~
hudsonsinaf Posted - Jan 07 2022 : 2:22:43 PM
Unless you are one of those people (or have a child) that reacts very poorly to vaccines in general. And then it does anything but boosts your immune system. Though I am also uncertain how a vaccine for a "new" virus can be tested for 20 years... NO vaccine has ever been mandated to the point where you take it or you lose your job, your livelihood, etc. So why this one?

~ Shannon, Sister # 5349
Farmgirl of the Month - January 2016
Cissik Posted - Jan 06 2022 : 9:56:29 PM
The vaccine boosts your immune system. It's been tested for 20 years.

Kent, WA
Farm Girl #5389
levisgrammy Posted - Dec 18 2021 : 1:42:01 PM
Yes those things are for our benefit but people are not putting something into their bodies with those. It is up to the individual to make the decision as to what goes in their bodies. We all have the freedom of choice and we should hope that continues. I don't condemn either way. Everyone has to do what they believe to be best for them. I think we need to respect others decisions and be kind.

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VT Oma Posted - Dec 17 2021 : 11:25:52 AM
I do not understand why people get so up set about getting the vaccine or wearing masks. This is not a political thing it is a health issue. The government tells us we have to use car seats for our little ones, and we can not smoke in buildings, so on. Every one knows theses things are for heath reasons and people follow them, so why can't people follow getting a vaccine or wearing a mask?

I am not trying to be disrespectful I am just trying to understand. I hope I do not offend anyone.


HollerGirl56 Posted - Dec 15 2021 : 3:05:14 PM
I find none of these strong views and I do understand some people not getting the shot---more power to those who have a good reason! But so many here in WV are just being contrary to be contrary. I do understand health risks and religious reasons. But these young healthy rednecks here in WV should get a clue and do what is right. And yes we do know some who won't get the shot and a lot more that run to get it. And you are right we each have our own way of thinking. If I am ever unkind I am just being silly. I respect everyone and their right to an opinion. I totally agree with you---but we need to get the shot and do what is right to protect others. Unless we just feel like that totally violates our beliefs. My belief is that the shots are wonderful and a blessing!

Old Age Ain't No Place For Sissies!------Bette Davis
hudsonsinaf Posted - Dec 15 2021 : 09:15:27 AM
I've always known Farmgirl Sisters to be kind and respectful to others. I encourage us, when we are discussing "hot topics" to remember to continue being like this. All of us have our own personal stories and reasons for the choices we make. There are always two sides of everything. I pray we can keep this in mind during these days of uncertainties and strong views <3

~ Shannon, Sister # 5349
Farmgirl of the Month - January 2016
Cissik Posted - Dec 14 2021 : 4:28:05 PM
I wish we still all had the spirit to help each other. We wouldn't be fighting this pandemic. No one questioned getting the polio shot, flu shots, tetanus, etc. Sad, sad, sad.

Kent, WA
Farm Girl #5389
HollerGirl56 Posted - Dec 10 2021 : 1:03:17 PM
Vanessa---that is evil indeed. LOL> People that won't get a shot must have a death wish and I know several of them. I have mine and will take another any time. We know a man who lost his thirty year old daughter to covid and another thirty year old couple who are sick with it. The shots are a miracle to come so soon and they are free. I feel that if Americans won't get them we should send more doses to other countries and help them----that is where the variants come from and it is very dangerous not to help them get vaccines. I feel that if there were not vaccines then every one would cry about it and want one. We are a nation of whiners and we need to step up and do what we need to do to stop this thing before it gets any worse.

Old Age Ain't No Place For Sissies!------Bette Davis
Cissik Posted - Nov 24 2021 : 2:34:04 PM
I've now had 3 Pfizer shots. NO problem. My daughter and her family got Covid from a guy at her job early on. The misery they all went through was horrible. My SIL ended up in the hospital and we almost lost him. I have had no questions about getting the shots. These shots have been in development and testing for almost 20 years. Well tested. The rush was exempting the very long paperwork that's needed for any medicine. The paperwork has been completed. I hope no one hesitates to get the shots as we desperately need to get rid of this virus. It kills.I lost my son, and I had to sweat losing my daughter and her family. Plus, the virus has left effects with them. My daughter lost half of her hair, really bad headaches, etc. She has received the shots and most of these side effects are going away.

Kent, WA
Farm Girl #5389
Audra Rose Posted - Nov 23 2021 : 6:54:31 PM
My sweetie made an appointment for me to get my booster shot.
The devil on my shoulder says if folks don't get the vaccine and die from it, there will be more Social Security money for the rest of us. Naughty devil!

Farmgirl Sister #6754
Red Tractor Girl Posted - Nov 23 2021 : 4:43:29 PM
I got Moderna and recently the booster. I am so glad I did too!! Florida has had episodic bouts of high cases and deaths over the course of this pandemic. These vaccines are safe and effective and I have had every vaccine recommended by the CDC for my age. Did you know that the #1 thing that increased longevity in the 20th century was the discovery of safe and effective vaccines? I distinctly remember how relieved we all were when Polio vaccines became available. On of my good childhood friends caught it when we were both 1 year old and she was severely damaged in one leg and had to wear this big old brace until she was a teenager when they began to be able to do new orthopedic surgery to lengthen her affected leg. I love to read books about history. Every country's story is riddled with diseases from lack of sanitary knowledge and outbreaks of terrible diseases like Small pox, Bubonic plague. Typhoid fever, diphtheria etc, etc. Today we never hear of these awful diseases because vaccines have been given all around the world to eradicate these devastating illnesses.

The Pandemic of 1918 was devastating around the world because there was not way to contain or prevent it. Today in poor countries the same thing is happening. People there are desperate for Covid vaccines and would be glad to take then if they could. We are very lucky here to have the vaccine readily available and I wish everyone would get one to protect themselves, their loved ones and their communities.

I am with you, Holly. I advocate for people to be immunized.

Winnie #3109
Red Tractor Girl
Farm Sister of the Year 2014-2015
FGOTM- October 2018
Tall Holly Posted - Nov 23 2021 : 1:09:18 PM
Good evening. It is a long time since the initial posts.

We have had the vaccine. Some of my family has had the phizer, I had the Mederna and one of my adult children had the Johnson and Johnson,

None of us had bad reactions. We have had annoying aches and pains. But what vaccine does not produce annoying aches and pains?

Our mechanic has not had the vaccines because he did not want to be a science experiment. I told him he is the science experiment he is in the control group. A friend who is medically fragile herself told me she did not want to be on a respirator and that the side effects from the vaccine were less than no vaccine.

I am old enough to remember the small pox and polio vaccines. Once we had them it was assumed we were immune. Technology was not available to check to see if the vaccine took or if anyone had a positive test for the nasty the vaccine was to prevent. The technology is there now to test to see if the vaccine produced anti bodies or whether someone who was vaccinated was positive for the disease.

I advocate for people to be immunized.

farmgirl #2499
Audra Rose Posted - Mar 05 2021 : 3:12:16 PM
Got it and feel relieved. I never got a flu shot, but this is much more serious and I have a 90 year old mother-in-law at home.
Plus Dolly did it!

Farmgirl Sister #6754

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