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 Flu Shot Yes or no?

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
gramadinah Posted - Feb 13 2018 : 07:04:13 AM

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StitchinWitch Posted - Jan 14 2020 : 11:37:09 PM
YES -- and haven't had the flu in 20+ years. Haven't had a cold in about 6 years. Very blessed!


Happiness is Homemade
HollerGirl56 Posted - Jan 14 2020 : 7:18:32 PM
Just took the flu shot today---free because my husband works at Sam's Club and they kept pressuring us to get it---plus nasty flu happening right now. I know it's not very effective---but hey---better safe than sorry. I forgot and wore a tight sleeve top and my arm turned red from cut off circulation---glad the shot giver and I both had a sense of humor.

Old Age Ain't No Place For Sissies!------Bette Davis
CountryBorn Posted - Jan 14 2020 : 3:46:44 PM
ABSOLUTELY I get one. I had the flu once and I was never so sick in my life. Also please get the Shingles vaccine if you have ever had the chicken pox. I kid you not, I had the mildest case of chicken pox one could imagine. Like maybe three pox marks on my forehead. Well, I never thought I would get Shingles with having that mild a case. Boy was I wrong. I had them inside my head. I finally got a couple sores in my mouth. I was at the Dr. for a regular check up, so I asked him about my mouth. He called his wife in who was a dermatologist. She said Yup that is the Shingles. Well, long story as short as possible. I got Ramsey Hunt Syndrome from it. My left side of my face was paralyzed, mouth was drooping. I had to go for months of shock treatments to my face. They did not think it was going to come back. I said hit it with all you got. Thank dear God it did come back to normal. BUT it had gone into my left eye, and it severely damaged my cornea. I can see, but it is very blurry. Can't read out of that eye.I just wanted to let everyone know, that really bad things can come from Shingles. Please don't risk it. It was a horrible ordeal and experience. I wouldn't want anyone else to go through that.Of course it is entirely up to you and your beliefs, but I just wanted to share with you so you would know how bad it can be.

Keep safe and healthy,

Mary Jane

ove from a fellow

There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do. Freya Stark
Ninibini Posted - Jan 14 2020 : 12:06:50 PM
Oh my gosh...I hope none of you thought my comment about not judging was directed at anyone here. I guess i should've diected it to "anyone out there." You're right each his own! And I am with you about staying put - I try to as much as possible, Sara! :)

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God gave us two hands... one to help ourselves, and one to help others!

YellowRose Posted - Jan 14 2020 : 11:05:39 AM
As I stated earlier I don't take the flu shot on advice from doctors because I have MS. Today my sister had a doctor visit and was told in one of the elementary schools here in Paris 60 kids are out with the flu. I have put myself under house quarantine until the worse of flu season is over. If I have to go out I will make sure to stay out of crowds. Now that I know I am in for the duration I plan on working on wool projects, do some writing on cozy mystery, canning/drying, and my favorite thing to do - piddle.

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levisgrammy Posted - Jan 14 2020 : 10:53:13 AM
I have never had a flu shot. I just prefer not but I believe it should be everyone's individual choice. There are many reasons on both sides, to each his own. I think in the world we live in there is always a chance to get something whether you have had a shot or not. We have to interact with people and since that is so we take a chance of catching something.

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Ninibini Posted - Jan 14 2020 : 09:15:16 AM
No. I can't because of my heart condition, but I hadn't prior to this for many, many reasons. My parents and friends get it every year though. They always get very sick afterward, but swear that if they hadn't they would have gotten it much worse. I don't know about that. Everyone I know who has gotten the BIG one this year has said it was so bad that they felt like death was imminent - those who had the shot, and those who hadn't alike. I'm sticking with my homemade elderberry syrup and Christopher's herbal remedies. We started getting sick, we took these remedies, and I think the longest any one of us stayed ill was three days, and it was mild. Everyone else we know has been hit so hard, it makes you afraid to leave the house!

Just do what you think is best. And please, those who do get the shot, please do not judge others. I get more lectures from people than I care to remember, and I'm tired of explaining. The most recent lecture was about how I am a carrier who would kill people. I kid you not. Right: Like I'm the only person out there without a flu shot, and the only people infecting the world are those who don't get it. Geez.

Hugs -


Farmgirl Sister #1974

God gave us two hands... one to help ourselves, and one to help others!

ceridwen Posted - Dec 31 2019 : 11:54:06 AM
Nope .... never have .... My body does well on its own fighting any foreign entities ... no need to voluntarily introduce germs!

Farmgirl Sister 3610 - Nov 7/2011
hoosiercountry Posted - Dec 10 2019 : 07:22:55 AM
I said NO for years, even being a working nurse, for me it was recommended but I refused. I was very fortunate not to get sick. I now have health issues where I have to get one. I have been fine with them. Hugs Karla

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windypines Posted - Dec 06 2019 : 5:29:38 PM
no no no

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Red Tractor Girl Posted - Dec 06 2019 : 1:05:54 PM
I always get a Flu shot and it works for me with no problems. As I age, I am aware that older people are more vulnerable to Flu and potential secondary pneumonia. Since the vaccine is easily available and I don’t have any medical reasons for not getting one, it has become the top of every October list to get to a CVS Pharmacy and my shot. I had the Flu almost every year as a child and was sick for a solid week from school. Once the vaccines became more available and more effective, I have been making it a priority each Fall to get my shot.

Winnie #3109
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Bear5 Posted - Dec 06 2019 : 12:53:31 PM
I have never had one, but this year I took my first flu shot. No problem.

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HollerGirl56 Posted - Sep 17 2018 : 3:28:40 PM
I have never taken a flu shot in my life and I have never gotten the flu. I rarely take a cold either. My husband works in a large retail store and he hardly ever gets sick either.

Old Age Ain't No Place For Sissies!------Bette Davis
RachelLeigh Posted - Feb 24 2018 : 6:32:45 PM
I have Psoriatic Arthritis and am on several immuno- suppressant drugs. I have to have a flu shot because my immune system can't handle the flu. In all my years, I've never had a bit of trouble with it - and I haven't gotten the flu, either.

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nubidane Posted - Feb 24 2018 : 09:44:22 AM
There was a spot on one of the large local radio stations here WLW. There were 2 nurses who are advocates of NOT taking the shot. The one had to take it due to working for Christ Hospital. She became violently ill with the flu right after, and when she asked if it would be possible not to take it the following year, she was denied. She ended up being fired after 29 yrs as a nurse. What bothered her was that anyone can come in and see the patients (in her case neonatal ICU) without any screening health wise. Also, many who have had the flu shot can actually get the flu, but be asymptomatic, and walk around as carriers and not know it.
The second nurse became so ill that she had to be carried to the hospital, and was losing all of her muscle mass and was told she would probably die. She developed guillain barre syndrome and lost all feeling in her legs and arms for several years, and won a settlement from the manufacturers of the shot. I know these are isolated incidents, but enough to make you wonder.
Also, something about (sorry it was a few weeks ago)that the active vaccines are grown on different sources, and you won't know which source. One was on dog kidneys, and one was on some kind of a worm. Sorry I'm forgetting that specifically. I tried to put up a link to the show, but it pulled up the whole 3 hour time slot and I didn't think you guys wanted to hear that LOL.
If I find out way to get just that spot, I will post a link.
So no for me

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Tumbleweed Posted - Feb 24 2018 : 09:12:07 AM
Update to my last post. BIG BIG NO!

I am still recovering from one of the worst colds I have had in years. I have been off of work for two weeks. I am glad I didn't have to pay for the shot. I did have to pay for a doctor office visit and meds. I won't. Get another one.


The fun begins where the sidewalk ends. Shel Silverstein
Tumbleweed Posted - Feb 13 2018 : 8:17:54 PM
My two cents: I avoided flu shots forever but this year I broke down and got one. I work in a large office and deal with the public. I also work with others that don't wash hands like they should. I am getting older and get sick more easily these days. I think each to their own. If you are traveling or work with a lot of others you should consider it but if you don't and eat healthy get plenty of rest and exercise you probably can do without it.


The best way to avoid housework is to live outside! Sandra Blacksmith

The fun begins where the sidewalk ends. Shel Silverstein
suny58 Posted - Feb 13 2018 : 6:00:33 PM
My daughter and I haven't had one is 4 years. NO!

Farmgirl #7703
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gramadinah Posted - Feb 13 2018 : 2:58:24 PM
I went ahead and got one. My way to void flu was to avoid crowds, But as I am going to do some extensive traveling I went ahead and did it.


Farmgirl Sister #273
Red Tractor Girl Posted - Feb 13 2018 : 1:57:02 PM
Yes, I get a Flu vaccine very year and have done so for decades. As a practicing RN, Flu shots were mandatory so that we were not bringing illness to patients who were far sicker and for whom Flu could make them worse. As an Employee Health Nurse for 6 years, I also gave hundreds of Flu vaccines to staff, patients and volunteers. I have not had a case of Flu personally for decades due to the Flu vaccine. I want to share that this year's vaccine is not as effective as usual because one of the strains of Flu have mutated to a new form that the vaccine won't protect. That being said, I still have been Flu free this season.

Flu vaccines are very safe and for those that do not have a true medical reason, such as MS or other defined diseases, vaccines offer simple protection and protect people from what can be a serious illness. They are also safe for children and
recommended . I know people have prejudices that vaccines are harmful, but they are not and have provided people with protection from many diseases that used to take lives just 50-60 years ago. Polio and Smallpox are just two examples in my lifetime.

Winnie #3109
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lovinRchickens Posted - Feb 13 2018 : 10:54:57 AM

Farmgirl #5111
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katyates Posted - Feb 13 2018 : 09:38:47 AM
Hi Sara, I have MS, too and I don't take the flu shot either! Glad to know I am not alone. :)

Katherine, Sister #7582
YellowRose Posted - Feb 13 2018 : 07:08:50 AM
Diana I have MS so I don't take it on advice from doctors.

Sara~~~ FarmGirl Sister #6034 8/25/14
FarmGirl of the Month Sept 2015.
Lord put your arm around my shoulders and your hand over my mouth.

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