It is with great pride I can say that I opened the countryís first wall-tent B&B in 2004, but that also meant the tents themselves were weary after serving guests for nine years. It was time to either replace them or turn them into more long-lasting canvas cabins. As it turns out, Iíve thoroughly enjoyed the B&B remodel we mapped out in 2014. Since then, weíve poured concrete pads, constructed post-and-beam shelters over several of my vintage trailers, fixed up a guest house and two cottages, replaced a couple of tents, installed two RV hookups, and remodeled our retail store. We also installed underground sewer, water, and electricity to our B&B sites. When itís done, itíll be gorgeous and amazing. ďWhen will that be?Ē everyone asks. What I struggle to explain has everything to do with my age (I turn 65 this year), and a little something to do with my resolve to enjoy life with as few deadlines as possible. Knowing Iíll reopen my B&B when Iím ready has turned the landscaping and planning part of it into an absolute joy for me. Iíve loved every minute of it. When the time is right and I feel like everything is just so, youíll be the first to know. Along the way, maybe Iíll map out some themed retreats. Maybe Iíll offer classes on vintage trailer recon or backyard milk-cow keeping or beekeeping. Maybe Iíll take some time off to ponder and wander.

My daughter, Meg, and DIL, Ashley, who will help me run our B&B once it reopens, get dreamy-eyed with me. But in the meantime, we keep busy producing our magazine and books.

Thanks for understanding, and THANK YOU to all those who have landed here over the years. Youíve enriched my life. Truly.

Grateful and playful in Idaho,
MaryJane [signature, w/ heart]