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T O P I C    R E V I E W
MaryJanesNiece Posted - Dec 06 2021 : 10:50:20 AM
Anyone have any experience with insomnia in young children? Everleigh has struggled with sleep for the last year but the last 2 months have become even harder. She will wake up numerous times a night and wake us up. We discovered that when we would send her back to bed she wasnít going to sleep. We put up a trail cam in her room to see if we could catch some of it and found she was up an average of 8 times a night. And itís really taking a toll on her attitude. Does anyone have experience with this and could give me some tips on how to help her sleep more?

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MaryJanesNiece Posted - Oct 26 2022 : 12:34:53 PM
Monday night was a rough night for her. She had some side effects from the anesthesia. She woke up about an hour after going to bed very upset saying she wanted to go home. No matter how much I told her she was at home she didnít believe me. I spoke with the nurse the next morning and she said that itís very common for children to become confused up to 24 hours later. It was pretty scary.

Karen, thank you. Yes she would love that.

Thank you April. Other then the pain her appetite and sleep have already become better.

Dreamer42 Posted - Oct 24 2022 : 3:58:20 PM
So wonderful to hear things went better as expected... hopefully she can start sleeping through the night soon. Extra squeezes to your brave little girl!! xo

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Jokamartell Posted - Oct 24 2022 : 3:48:38 PM
Praises to God for a successful surgery! Thank you Krista for updating us. Would it be ok to send her some happy mail?:)

Karen :)

To quote one of my past preschoolers ďNot one of those Karens, but a good KarenĒ! Haha
MaryJanesNiece Posted - Oct 24 2022 : 2:57:41 PM
Surgery went good and she is doing much better than anticipated. Thank you all. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery.

levisgrammy Posted - Oct 21 2022 : 6:23:12 PM
Prayers for her and you Krista!

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MaryJanesNiece Posted - Oct 21 2022 : 2:38:21 PM
Thank you all for making me feel better. I think I'm more nervous than anyone else. She knows that she is going in to have them out and that it will hurt a little but that's it. She's more upset that she won't be able to go to dance for a week lol! I don't want to worry or scare her. She is brave and strong.

Audra Rose Posted - Oct 21 2022 : 04:35:35 AM
Krista, you and your husband are caring parents and I'm sure all your children feel your love for them. No parent is perfect, there are so many variables in this world. As the Beatles said, Love is all you need!

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nndairy Posted - Oct 20 2022 : 11:20:20 AM
I'm happy to hear you were able to figure out what was wrong! I hope you'll all be sleeping wonderfully soon :)

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Dreamer42 Posted - Oct 20 2022 : 09:36:54 AM
Awe, don't feel bad Krista, you were able to find the culprit, that's good news! I hope she heals quickly from surgery, spoil her with lots of popcicles, icecream and jello!! Give her an extra squeeze for me!

Farmgirl Sister #7038
Jokamartell Posted - Oct 19 2022 : 6:06:24 PM
Krista, Iím so glad you got some answers today. I will be praying for you and your daughter. Our mom hearts are so strong. Sending good thoughts your way. Hugs! :)

Karen :)

To quote one of my past preschoolers ďNot one of those Karens, but a good KarenĒ! Haha
MaryJanesNiece Posted - Oct 19 2022 : 4:22:35 PM

We are almost a year out from my original question and we have finally figured out what's wrong. Even though all the suggestions given have helped her and it seemed to improve a little we returned to the struggles again. Her pediatrician was able to help us learn that she actually has sleep apnea due to very large tonsils. She was seen today by a specialist and will go in for surgery on Monday. I feel terrible and wish we could have discovered this sooner. The surgery should have a huge impact and make everything better for her. Makes my mom heart very nervous.

MaryJanesNiece Posted - Apr 01 2022 : 12:54:50 PM
Carrie, we had her in a toddler bed that was transitioned from a crib but we moved her to a twin the end of February because we needed the crib for the baby. We have kept her on a strict bedtime for months now, started her on melatonin awhile ago, gave her a new stuffed animal that we said would watch over her while she slept and would do the worrying for her, and she uses a grounding bed roll. We still had 1 night waking once all that was in place but once baby arrived she no longer wakes at night. Her pediatrician said her night wakings were anxiety induced and we needed to figure out what it was. We now know it had to do with my pregnancy and the fact a baby was coming. Itís amazing how change can affect children so much. Iím just so grateful she is feeling better now. Iím glad you were able to figure what your little one needed. It is definitely a tough phase to go through.

Carely Posted - Feb 28 2022 : 4:13:20 PM
I know I'm two months late to this conversation, but I'm wondering, what kind of bed is she in? Our kiddo was in a toddler bed that had transitioned from a crib, but at 2 1/2 he was doing the same thing, up every night, numerous times and wide awake. I moved him into a standard twin (if we had the room it would have been full) and that with a very strict bedtime routine (7 pm - 6:45 am, his daddy left with him at 7 to go to the babysitters). We also stopped food and drink after dinner at 5. These seemed to work for a while, but at 4 we got an early adhd diagnosis, at bedtime each night I give him melatonin and a low dose of methyl folate (we found he has the same gene-mutation I have - mthfr, we don't absorb folic acid). I have found since then, he rarely wakes at night, and if he does, it's a bad dream. Good luck, this is a tough phase to go through.


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MaryJanesNiece Posted - Dec 22 2021 : 12:57:04 PM
Thanks Grace. She has a warmie that use to have a lavender scent to it but itís no longer there and Iím bummed. I didnít think of making my own lol. Iíll have to give that a try. We have been trying some of the melatonin as well. Itís helped a little but the thing is melatonin is meant to help fall asleep not stay asleep and staying asleep is our problem. She has me stressing over how Christmas Eve is going to go. I have been implementing almost all of these suggestions and she still wakes at least once or twice. She is a stinker!

katmom Posted - Dec 21 2021 : 1:26:43 PM
I am kind of late chiming in,, but,, don't forget Lavender... a light spritz on her pillow before bedtime... or if she sleeps with a stuff toy ie: teddy bear you can spritz it with lavender EO (not the fake lavender scent room sprays)...
Maybe you can make a lavender sachet 'envelope' and tuck it inside her pillow case.

Also, my daughter occasionally gives her kids Melatonin chewys when they are over stimulated or as I call it, "can't shut the brain off".

Hopefully one or a combination off all the above super advice from the ladies here will help Everleigh to be able to rest and sleep through the night.

Oh and something else I just read,, to much salt, especially before bed time can disrupt the sleep cycle.. and make her have to go tinkle through the night which will wake her and disrupt her sleep.

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MaryJanesNiece Posted - Dec 13 2021 : 1:34:51 PM
Heather, she does have a radio in her room that plays classical music. We donít put it on repeat but sheís aloud to turn it on when she wakes up. Maybe an ocean waves one would be nice. I could see leaving that on all night since itís not songs. Thank you!

nndairy Posted - Dec 10 2021 : 6:34:34 PM
I just went to the chiropractor for the first time in my life on Wednesday. I wasn't sold on all the popping and cracking stuff but I found a chiropractor that does a technique called torque release chiropractic. They use a tool and it's very gentle and very specific. My back did pop once while he was adjusting me, but it wasn't even as bad of a pop as when I stretch at home. I would feel comfortable with this method being used on my kids if I had any.

Just another thought - have you tried any of the soothing noises while she sleeps like ocean waves or gentle rain? I'm a light sleeper and if there's any kind of noise (like wind, my husband snoring, or the cows outside doing something) it wakes me up. I've found that having a fan on low helps.

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"The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment" - Yogi teabag
MaryJanesNiece Posted - Dec 10 2021 : 1:40:51 PM
MaryJane, we have cut out the blue light for a bit now. We also have a trampoline but we havenít been using it since itís been cold. Iíll move it into the garage so itís warmer for her. I do have some epsom salt. Iíll give her a bath with that tonight. And Iíll look more into this grounding. Iíll make sure she gives Finny some extra hugs when we are out there.

Thanks for the tip Heather. Iíll have to look into it because I havenít really been a fan of chiropractors. But Iím willing to consider everything to help her out.

nndairy Posted - Dec 09 2021 : 5:40:53 PM
I'm sorry to hear of this struggle for you and Everleigh! I don't have any experience personally, but a friend of a friend had good luck with a chiropractor for their little one. May be something to look into.

Farmgirl Sister #4701
September 2014 Farmgirl of the Month

"The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment" - Yogi teabag
MaryJane Posted - Dec 09 2021 : 07:26:55 AM
Based on the advise that our very own magazine physician, Dr. Laura Koniver, has given us over time, how about trying:

-grounding (this is the most important thing, especially now that it's winter and children aren't outside everyday sitting with bare legs on the ground or walking barefoot or hugging a calf that is grounded to the earth)

-magnesium (perhaps some very low dose pediatric magnesium gummy bears or an Epsom salt bath prior to bed)

-Vit. D (try some first morning light on her face, 20 minutes, or invest in a lightbox)

-a trampoline!!! (my kids growing up and now my grandkids all have trampolines they hop onto, even in the winter--daily exercise is essential, plus it's a good way for them to get some sunshine/Vit. D)

-no blue light after dinner (no smartphones, tablets, tv--that blue light can really mess with the brain's wiring--the brain thinking that it's the middle of the day when it's not)

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MaryJanesNiece Posted - Dec 08 2021 : 11:48:19 AM
Amanda she is 3. She wonít be 4 until April.

msdoolittle Posted - Dec 08 2021 : 10:48:47 AM
Bless her heart and yours, too!!! How old is Everleigh, if you don't mind me asking?

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