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Posted - Nov 01 2006 :  3:05:07 PM  Show Profile
A BIG FARMGIRL WELCOME to all new members!
You are members participating here because you were drawn to MaryJane's works: her magazine, MaryJanesFarm; or her first book, MaryJane's Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook - For the Farmgirl in All of Us; or her mini-book and magnet set, Farmgirl Wisdom; or her line of instant organic foods and farmgirl accessories. If you've not discovered her works yet, please take the time to look around our Product Shop at . We think you'll be pleased.

Here's an overview of how our website chatroom works:

READING & POSTING in the forums:
Please take some time to look through the site before you jump in with both feet! Since this site is several years old now, there are a lot posts that have been made previously that contain gigantic amounts of very informative information and tons of humor to boot! I strongly encourage you to do a "search" (key is located at the top right of each page), in the topic of your interest and see what has been posted previously about this before creating a new topic. There's nothing more fun than having an old topic "revived" by a new post, a new perspective, or questions! Just start typing in the "quick reply" box at the bottom of each page and you'll be "chatting" in no time!

When browsing through the topics in each category, please note that many topics have pages and pages of info in them. You can click on "next" page or choose the page of your choice to jump to. Newest topics show up on the first page, but newest posts to each topic are on the last pages within the topic, so you may want to jump to the last several pages to see that latest ideas.

To post a reply to an existing topic, just do a "quick reply" at the bottom of each page (address the member's name that you wish to comment to, if you wish - you can even do several within the content of one post); OR, if you'd like more options, like smiley faces and customized text, just above the quick reply box is the option to "reply to topic". For further info on how to do this, visit the FAQ section button at the top right. REMEMBER, in online terms, CAPS equals SHOUTING, so please use lower-case letters. Please do not click on the "reply to member" button, because that repeats the original message again in your post.

Keeping categories & topics true: To keep continuity to the topics and categories, and to keep the search feature working optimally, please make every effort to keep topics true to their subject matter. It's not unusual for a topic to trigger other ideas and interests, but when a discussion gets involved, please create a new topic in the appropriate category and carry on with the ideas there, where others would think to look for it. It keeps our farmgirl connection neat and tidy and easier for all to access.

If you make a typing error, or think of something else to add to a comment, it is easy to go back to your post and modify/edit it. Just click on the icon with the paper and pencil in the bar at the top of your own post. This will bring you to an edit screen, where you can make corrections or additions.

QUICK TIP: Once you've browsed around here awhile and read some of the older posts, it's easy to keep up with "what's new" here by clicking on the 'active topics' button at the top right of the page- (you must be signed in for this to work). This shows all posts made since your last visit, which is very helpful is sorting things out and keeping you up to date. If you're curious what a specific member has posted at any time, then click on their name and you'll see a quick list of their recent posts, or for more in depth, or older postings, there's a link for a complete list there, too!

POSTING PICTURES: Brian has instructions for photo posting here:

By “subscribing” to a topic, you will receive an e-mail every time someone posts to that topic. You can also subscribe to a category, or to the whole forum by clicking on the “subscribe to this board” link at the upper right of the forum list. Be aware that if you subscribe to the whole forum, you will receive an e-mail every time someone posts, and that can be pretty overwhelming! You can manage your subscriptions by clicking on the “my subscriptions” link at the top right of each page, then subscribing and unsubscribing there.

REMEMBER... we have a cross-section of cultures and backgrounds on this forum. We practice Tolerance here, so Honor one another's differences, be Open-minded about things that may seem foreign to you. If it's not what you're comfortable with, then so be it, and just let it be. Remember the sense of commUNITY that we want to create here. GIVE HUGS AND SMILES FREELY!!! THEY ARE AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE!

We have provided this forum for you to share ideas, projects, tips, and finds. It is not an appropriate place for disputes of any kind.
If you see an offensive post, please email me.

SPAM: The site is constantly monitored for any content that is spamming or trolling. On the rare occasion you might receive a spam e-mail from an unethical person who has signed up as a member for the sole purpose of sending spamming solicitations. Here's what you should and should not do:
1. Do not reply to the email. You are anonymous until you reply.
2. Do delete the email ASAP.
3. Do not submit it to your provider as spam - they will "look" like they come from us, and you will then block any e-mail from MaryJanesFarm!
4. No need to post any comments about it on the website. If you feel you must notify someone, just e-mail me.

TROLLING: This is where a "member" floods the site with suspicious and offensive content. If this happens, just ignore it. We monitor the site constantly and we will remove any spam ASAP.

CAUTION: We urge you NOT to post your personal e-mail addresses or home mailing addresses within the text of your message. Instead, use the e-mail feature within the forum to communicate privately with members. (The only time this does not work is when you have a pop-up blocker feature activated on your computer. You must de-activate it temporarily to use this feature.)


We've got some great interactive groups forming up here, new friends. Check it out !! See this link:
for the list of all the groups that are available for exchanges and for submitting recipes, etc.
Meg is now the keeper of the lists and may be reached at for specific questions.

In fairness to everyone who belongs to this group, if you sign up for a list or for a give-away, please also plan to participate in our conversations. When you receive something, an online post of thank you is so appreciated. It lets the giver know that this was worth their time. If you find that you do not have time to reciprocate on the list exchanges, please contact Meg to be removed from the list. The lists are like our electrical current or energy moving between us, and if the energy is always going out and not returning, everything is out of balance.

For information on our Farmgirl Chapters worldwide, which includes a chapter search feature, traveling journal info and so much more, click on this link:

We share recipes in the "Across the Fence Category" in the "Recipes We Love to Share" topic.

I hope this helps you all become familiar and joining in. If any member has a question that we could answer for you regarding usage of this site, just click on my name in a post, and an e-mail link shows there. I would be happy to help you feel "at home"!

Farmgirl welcome!

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, red wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming 'WOO HOO, what a ride!'"
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