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 Lyme, Thyroid, Kidney, Celiac, Diabetes Oh! MY!

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
marjean Posted - Aug 10 2013 : 09:11:46 AM
Update: Aug. 03, 2016

I have been doing so much better overall in the last 4 years than I have in the last 12 since I found 2 great alternative health doctors.
The Lyme is under control. The kidney's are not hurting anymore. The Celiac is still there but not causing weight loss anymore.
The Diabetes is gone! Yay! Wahoo!

I now use the PEMF therapy a friend recommended for pain and healing recovery. It is fantastic! I take Cordyceps to help my immune system. I've gained back 3 pounds in the last 6 weeks. For me that is a BIG deal. I am up to 115 pounds now. My target weight is 138.
end of update
I have recently gotten some medical advise that might help others with my same issues. I have Lyme which attacks the thyroid and brings with it parasites, malabsorption and more.

A medical doctor in my area has fibromyalgia and has found that a certain supplement routine for supporting the mitochondria alleviates most of the symptoms so you can function better.

Dr. Brownstein has found the solution to thyroid disorders, which I will begin using his protocol as soon as I get all the tests he prescribes finished through my doctor. There are about ten just for the thyroid. Most doctors only do tsh, t3 and t4. They are missing a whole bunch more that he mentions in his book.

I also have chronic pancreatitis which also can cause weight loss, which I have been having trouble with my whole life, but more so recently.

I will keep you all posted on my results and test results in hopes it will help others to get to the bottom of their health issues too.

I used to have migraine headaches until my doctor put me on neuro science products seven years ago. If you want to get rid of yours, call them and find a doctor in your area that uses the testing. It is a simple saliva test.

I use Ovitaminpro's naturaopath doctor that is available to speak to over the phone. Hope this helps. Post here if you try any of these for your health.

Farmgirl sister #308
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StitchinWitch Posted - Aug 05 2019 : 12:22:05 PM
Marsha -- I hope everything continues to work well for you. How did you get rid of the diabetes?


Happiness is Homemade
marjean Posted - Aug 05 2019 : 09:21:16 AM

I started with a new functional medicine doctor Dec of 2017. He has been making great progress in my recovery.

Parasites - VRM 1, VRM 2, VRM 3, VRM 4 I take one drop of one bottle a day in the a.m. I have gained back 13 pounds since Feb. 2019.

Diabetes is gone. yay!

Thyroid stays in the normal range. Yay!

Kidney's are doing well. No pain. Yay!

I will be starting on a homeopathic Lyme protocol that a physician in GA developed after she got Lyme and no RX or other protocol would touch it. She was able to isolate each bacteria and make a remedy to address and kill each one.

So, I'll post once I start and how it goes. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks!

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Aug 04 2016 : 06:44:15 AM
Thank you so much Nicole for caring. It means a lot.

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texdane Posted - Aug 04 2016 : 05:54:16 AM
Glad to hear you are improving! So happy for you!

Farmgirl Hugs,

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Suburban Farmgirl Blogger
marjean Posted - Aug 03 2016 : 10:12:43 AM
My blood work showed Hypo Thyroid. Low vitamin D and UTI. I go back in this month or next for a follow-up blood test on all of these. Everything else was in normal range.

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Aug 03 2016 : 10:10:37 AM
I no longer have to use a wheelchair when I go to smaller stores. The Super Wal-mart type stores I use the motorized cart.

I can breath outside now without the mask! I do have to avoid perfume and smoke and other toxic chemical places still. But, at least I can enjoy the outdoors again and go on walks with my DH.

All thanks to natural alternative medicine.

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Dec 19 2015 : 08:48:11 AM
I am waiting to see a new doctor in February and March. I have an ongoing uti and no natural product can get rid of it....only keeps it under control...starting a cranberry buchu product this week....we'll see how that goes.

Farmgirl sister #308
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doll58maker Posted - Dec 19 2015 : 07:38:55 AM
There are two books worth reading: The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Meyers, MD, and The Wahls Protocol by Terry Wahls. Both available from Amazon. I think you can get a free excerpt download on Kindle.
marjean Posted - Jul 22 2015 : 11:44:52 AM
Great posts Nicole about your journey with Lyme. I tried to comment but it would not post them for some reason.

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Jul 22 2015 : 11:30:57 AM
Thank you Nicole, I will read your posts. And, Thank You to Tara for your info. I have to get to the primary doctor and have them order a raft of blood work which I hate to go through anymore. But, then maybe we can find out how the body is doing and it will help the alternative doctor know we are on the right track too.

On a good note, I am starting to sleep better after the new doctor added Kavinace which is a neurotransmitter to my supplements. What a relief to be able to have rest for my poor brain. The Zyto testing showed I needed that product. It is a wonderful tool.

Farmgirl sister #308
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lovecatsandsunshine Posted - Jul 19 2015 : 2:33:51 PM
I have Hashimoto's Thyroid, auto-immune disease. I was diagnosed in Feb of 2012. I had been diagnosed with Grave's thyroid in 2004. Man it has been a bumpy road. I had problems with chronic pain (fms, migraines) and chronic fatigue for years and took heavy duty pain pills w/o relief. Learned on my own about thyroid and how it controls the body systems. So when thyroid isn't working right it wrecks havoc on other body systems. The TSH is an outdated standard of healthcare and must not be used alone when deciding how to treat the patient. The Dr either listens to you( I don't trust any endocronologist after seeing 3 in 4 years) or you find another one. My Dr and I work together to find right dose of hormone replacement( I take Tirosint, it's the pure hormone) based on my symptoms. Although I will ask for a TSH to be ran to confirm that I know I am too hypo or in some cases hyperthyroid. Don't let a Dr say you are in normal lab range, and dismiss your symptoms. TSH of 1-1.5 is optimal if your have hypothyroid. Also have Hashi's I also have adrenal problems. But I eat as clean as possible and that makes a huge difference in how I feel. Avoiding junk, white starch, refined sugars, gluten and dairy. The fibro, chronic pain and chronic fatigue are gone. Migraines are gone 90% due to treating my thyroid correctly and eating clean. Read about the thyroid and demand the right care.

Support your local organic
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texdane Posted - Jul 13 2015 : 6:22:00 PM
Hi Marjean,

I am not sure why I did not see this before. First of all, I am so sorry to hear that your trusted doctor passed away. It is so hard to find one that you really like this day and age.

I also wanted to tell you that you are not alone in your lyme battle. I wrote two blogs on this very subject that you might like to read:


Hang in there, farmsister!

Farmgirl Hugs,

Farmgirl Sister #1155
Chapter Leader, Connecticut Simpler Life Sisters
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Suburban Farmgirl Blogger
marjean Posted - Jul 13 2015 : 09:44:44 AM
A sad report....not me my doctor....he passed away on May 20th, 2015 from a hernia rupture. I got a letter in the mail....what a shock! I am now going to a new doctor MD/Alternative....uses the Zyto machine testing and other lab tests etc....he is keeping me on the same protocol. I was able to get my records from my doctor's wife.

I am praying for God's promised new world to come soon and do away with all death and sickness. Revelation 21:3,4; Isaiah 33:24 I pray for Jesus to come soon and rid the earth of the wicked and throw Satan in the abyss for the 1,000 years. Revelation 20:1-9 I pray for all who love God to stand up and take their stand on the side of his universal sovereignty now before his great day of war comes to the entire earth.
1st Thessalonians 5 verse 3 and 1st Peter 5:6-9 I pray for the promise of a resurrection of our dead loved ones. John 5:28, 29, Acts 15:24

Until, that time I pray for endurance and joy in all my trials. 2nd Peter 1:5,6

Having endurance means more than just bearing up under hardship and remaining resolute. It involves patience, courage, and steadfastness, not losing hope when faced with trials, obstacles, temptations, or persecution. As those living with “godly devotion in association with Christ Jesus,” we expect to be persecuted. (2 Timothy 3:12) We must endure if we are to prove our love for Jehovah and develop the qualities needed for salvation. (Romans 5:3-5; 2 Timothy 4:7, 8; James 1:3, 4, 12) Without endurance, we will not gain everlasting life.—Romans 2:6,7; Hebrews 10:36

These are the promises that keep me going and give me the strength not to give up in my fight for the 'real life'!

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Dec 27 2014 : 12:20:21 PM
Latest, update:

Well, after 1 1/2 years with the new doctor I am doing so much better. He keeps me on several products that have helped all of my conditions get under control now. Yippie!

Here is what he put me on: Please, ask your natural or alternative doctor if these would be right for your conditions.
Here is his website:

Amino Sport helps control the diabetes
NRF2 by Professional Health Products
Essential Fatty Acids Plant Base (not fish oil) Quantum Eynergetic Nutrients
Renatrophin PMG by Standard Process
ATP Option
Cytozyme PT/HPT by Biotics Research
Adrecor Neurotransmitter
Fat Digest Enzyme
Detox Accelerator
Glutathione Acceleraor
Female Endocrine Axis
Trace Minerals
And homeopathic remedies according to symptoms

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Sep 09 2014 : 10:14:02 AM
I thought I would list what my doctor has given me to help my bowels work and control the other issues as well.
Cardio- ATP Option 1 teaspoon daily mid morning
Kidney - Stinging Nettle drops once a day
Menopause - Female endocrine spray homeopathic
Liver - Homeopathic Hepa spray
Celiac - Probiotics and Amino Acid capsules
Nrf2, Glutithione, Detox caps, Ortho Biotic
Bowels - Okra pepsin
Diabetes - diet controled endocrine spray

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Sep 06 2014 : 12:25:03 PM
How is everyone with Lyme doing? My type 2 diabetes seems to be better. I don't notice any issues when I eat a sweet potato etc... My kidneys are better too with the Stinging Nettle drops. I'm taking a pituitary /hypothalamus combo that is also helping my thyroid and endocrine system. It is helping me sleep better too.
I've gained back 20 pounds in a year since I've been going to the new doctor.
The detoxing is still coming out through my skin and ears.
The heat is still an issue and my allergies to environmental stuff. But, the allergies to foods are much better.
Let me know how you are doing.

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Dec 31 2013 : 08:52:49 AM
You have to find a good alternative MD that uses homeopathy and a machine that scans your body. Lots of doctor's are using that now. But, you also need to make sure they know how to use it and how to get you well.

My doctor treats folks from all over the U.S. I am totally sold on his ability to get me well. I am not an easy case to fix either. My body is wired in reverse! It goes hypo one minute and hyper another.

When I walk back into our congregation weighing 140 pounds, not having to wear my mask outdoors and no longer allergic to everything in the air, food etc.... he will have so much business he will have a waiting list!!!! Really!!!!

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Dec 31 2013 : 07:26:43 AM
Hi Kem,
Will call you soon, this is a very busy time for me. doing year end taxes and clearance sales in m Etsy shop and the team merchandise. Thank you for reaching out!


Farmgirl sister #308
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Cozynana Posted - Dec 16 2013 : 5:46:49 PM
Marsha, what do you use as a kidney cleanser? I have tried a handful of kidney cleaners and seem to react to all of them. Would be interested in your protocol. I drink lots of water and lemon juice, use activated charcoal, and eat a clean diet. I don't know what else to do. I was suppose to start going to an endo. but it was one that deals with diabetes. I don't have diabetes. Starting to look again for someone to address all my issues. I am hoping the ENT can help me find some people to help me. As you know, Lyme is not a good thing to tell a doctor. They tend to freak out.
marjean Posted - Dec 15 2013 : 08:43:03 AM
I had my Fourth visit with my new doctor and things are really starting to look so much better! I have one little challenge to over come in addition to all the rest, diabetes! But, it is only temporary and is caused from the kidney problem.

So, if you have diabetes you need to take care of your kidneys and you can get rid of the diabetes!

My allergies are so much better, including the eczema in the ears. How? Well, first off you have to get vitamin D3 and sunshine daily! Again, clean out your kidneys and support them with good herbs and products.

He says I am right at the curve to start seeing that acceleration of improvement! Yay!!!

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Oct 30 2013 : 4:27:04 PM
3rd Visit - Had a 3 hour visit today so I am ready for bed already! Things are going well and I am responding very well to the treatment that he is doing for my problems. Kidney, liver, brain, nervous system, thymus and intestine are what he is focusing on until they are all well and healthy.

Once, he has them all cleaned out and strengthened so that they work right, all the problems will be gone!!! Kidney's control the fibromyalgia issue, so any with that need to get help for the kidney's.

My connective tissues have always been weak and when he has me well, he said that will be better and my muscles will be strong not weak like they are now.

Wahoo!!!! I am one happy farm girl!!!!

I'll let you know just as soon as my weight picks back up, still at 100 pounds and holding!!! I feel lots better other than the detox effects. All in all I am feeling positive and hopeful!!!

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Oct 15 2013 : 06:42:54 AM
Hi Kem,

We had a mold issue too and had to replace all the a/c ducts and that helped the best. I then had the house cleaned professionally each week for years and that kept things so much better. Dust is a big place for mold to live so keeping the house dust free is a must.

I have been treated for all the above for the last 8 years. The new doctor is working on all of them too. My eczema in my ears is getting better, finally after 3 years of it driving me nuts.

My allergies are getting better too. I can now eat and if something is not agreeing with me my face does not turn red anymore, I just get a stuffy nose or it runs and I know not to eat that food again.

I've gained back a few pounds too, so that is a sure sign for my body that things are moving in the right direction. He does not give me RX meds because he says that blocks what he is doing with the homeopathic and natural supplements.

He uses a brand called Biotics Research and they have the highest quality products you can get through a doctor in the world.

Have you ever seen the commercial for Cindy Crawfords skin care line? The doctor in France uses a product that keeps your skin renewed from the inside. Well, one of my products has that ingredient in it and a whole lot more! I was thrilled when I read the label as I was watching the show with her at the time.

I am very happy with this new doctor and thank God daily for sending me to him.

I'll wait to hear how your mold detoxing and clean-up go. I hope you keep making improvements too.

Farmgirl sister #308
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Cozynana Posted - Oct 14 2013 : 7:17:07 PM
Marsha, jusr found out today that I have mold issues. DO said I am a2+. 4+ is the highest. Guess it coild have been worse. We are going to treat with nystatin and thwn with diflucan in a month or two. I do pretty good until 4 am and then everything breaks loose and I usually get up for the day. I am hoping treating the mold will help. We also have to have our house tested for mold. They may find some, in the 30 plus years we have lived here we have had a few floods and leaks. Over all my health has improved. Waiting for Dr Horowitz's book to come out in Nov. The title is something like When You Can't Get Better.. It deals with chronic illness. Have you done all the Lyme treatments like parasites, mold, adrenals, yeast, hormones, etc? I know my hormones and thyroid are off. I hope to get them addressed soon.
marjean Posted - Oct 14 2013 : 09:21:59 AM
Found out a great new product can help with all these issues. Check it out here and let me know if you try it out. You should ask your doctor if it is okay first. I am going to talk to mine about it on the next visit. Thought I would share since I've heard such great things about it every where for the last year.

Farmgirl sister #308
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marjean Posted - Oct 14 2013 : 09:18:06 AM
Kem - How are you doing with your health? I got you on my RAOK list so be on the lookout for a goodie coming in the mail soon!

Farmgirl sister #308
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