Project of the Week

Table Runner Pillow

Table Runner Pillow

What you’ll need:

· assorted vintage linens

· pillow form (see instructions below for making your own)

· #13 needlepoint (blunt-tip)

· 2 buttons with shanks

· ribbon

· paper or leather punch

· seam sealant

· scissors

· pins

· paper

· cardboard

  1. Fold table runner in half horizontally with wrong sides together; pin along outside edges.
  2. For a hole punch guide, make a paper pattern ¼" smaller than pillow size. Pin to center of top. Make marks on fabric along three sides of paper edge, ½" from corners with an even number between.
  3. Using your punch, make holes through both layers of fabric where marked.
  4. Open pillow cover. Place cardboard underneath and apply seam sealant around holes; let dry.
  5. Weaving ribbon through holesRefold cover over pillow form, right sides out. Tie button with shank to one ribbon end. Using a #13 needle, weave ribbon through both sets of holes, starting at folded side and ending at center of opposite short side (see illustration). Repeat for second side. Tie ribbon ends into a bow; trim ends.

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Make a Custom Pillow Form

What you’ll need:

· muslin

· batting

· fiberfill

· needle and thread

  1. muslin, cut ½″ larger than pillow to allow for seamCut out two pieces of muslin and two pieces of batting the size of your pillow plus ½″ around for seam allowance. With right sides of muslin together, stitch around, leaving a 6″ opening on one side.
  2. basting batting to muslinLay batting on each side of the muslin piece, making a sandwich; baste batting to seams.
  3. clipping corners just outside of stitchClip corners, turn right side out, press.
  4. whipstitching the opening closedFill pillow casing with fiberfill to desired fullness. Whip stitch the opening closed.

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