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This homemade facial toner, from Mountain Rose Herbs, is suitable for all skin types. The vegetable glycerin acts as a humectant, attracting moisture to the skin; witch hazel extract and rose flower water are gently cleansing and toning; and the aloe vera, chamomile, and lavender are soothing and calming. If this recipe feels a little sticky to you, decrease the amount of vegetable glycerin. If it feels a little dry, increase the vegetable glycerin or add a dash of olive or jojoba oil. Find ingredients at

rose and lavender

Rose and Lavender Facial TonerIris flourish




oz rose flower water (hydrosol)



oz witch hazel extract



T aloe vera gel



t vegetable glycerin



drops lavender essential oil



drops chamomile extract


Place all ingredients into a 4-oz bottle, top with a fingertip mister, shake, and enjoy! Shake well before each use. After rinsing your face in the morning and evening, spritz with toner and allow to dry naturally or pat dry with a soft washcloth. Then apply your moisturizer as usual. This toner should keep for at least six months without refrigeration.

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