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Brooms with aprons, waiting dutifully in the corner for their next task

Broom Aprons

What you’ll need:

· ¾ yard 45″-wide cotton fabric for Large Apron, prewashed (½ yard for Small Apron)

· ½ yard 45″-wide contrasting cotton fabric for Large Apron ruffle, prewashed (¼ yard for Small Apron)

· 1 yard ½″ cotton twill tape for Large Apron (26″ for Small Apron)

· 1 spool regular sewing thread


· Large Apron: With selvages together, cut one piece 20″ x 45″.
· Large Apron Ruffle: Cut two 6″ x 45″ strips.

· Small Apron: With selvages together, cut one piece 13″ x 25″.
· Small Apron Ruffle: Cut one 4″ x 45″ strip.

  1. Turn top of apron under ¼″ and press. Turn under 2″ more and press. (For Small Apron, only turn under 1½″ more.) Pin in place.
  2. Measure 1″ from selvage and 2″ down from second fold at top. Stitch two ½″ buttonholes vertically on either side of the apron front. (For Small Apron, measure down only 1½″.)
  3. To make casing, stitch ⅛″ up from lower folded edge. Measure up ⅝″ and stitch again.
  4. Join the two strips for the ruffle at one end. (Not necessary for Small Apron.) Fold in half with wrong sides together and press. Match up center of ruffle and center of apron bottom and gather to fit.
  5. Stitch side seam, taking care not to enclose buttonholes.
  6. Thread twill tape through buttonholes and casing and tie to cinch the top around your broom.

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