Recipe of the Week

Recipe for Healthy ChickensIris flourish

1 or more chickens

Lots of open range

Plentiful cracked grains and corn

Calcium from oyster shells or fresh greens

A supply of fresh water

Never give chickens moldy food or let them have access to your compost heap. Rule of thumb: Unless you want to run the risk of making your chickens sick, don’t give them anything from your table, pantry, or fridge that you wouldn’t eat. If your chickens are free-range, they’ll be healthier and easier to feed. Chickens need a balanced ration of cracked grains and corn, protein, and calcium (oyster shells or fresh greens). They also need a continuous supply of fresh water for drinking, a dry place to get out of the weather, and protection from predators. I might add that my girls love their “dirt” baths. Having access to dust that they fan onto their bodies with their wings helps control body mites. Not to mention, it’s hilarious to watch. I must confess, I can spend an unreasonable amount of time watching my girls peck and preen.

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