Project of the Week

Garden Wreaths

garden wreaths

You’ll Need

  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • straw, wire, or grapevine "base" wreath
  • gray or green moss
  • needle nose pliers & wire cutter
  • 30-gauge wire or 24-gauge green florists wire
  • Treasures! Such as pinecones, wheat stalks, potatoes, garlic, seashells.
  • bow (optional)


  1. Creating wreaths can be exciting and oh-so-simple. Begin by gathering up items you have in your yard and garden, or treasures found on a walk. Don’t be timid. A potato wreath? Why not?!
  2. Next, purchase a straw, wire, or grapevine “base” wreath commonly found in craft stores, some gray or green moss, and lots of glue sticks. Having a pair of needle-nose pliers and wire cutters and some 30-gauge wire or 24-gauge green florist’s wire will also come in handy. Glue a thin amount of moss on the wreath base to give it that rustic look (you can completely cover the wreath in moss, or choose to cover only part of it or none of it). Then begin to add your larger treasures—pinecones, wheat stalks, potatoes, garlic, seashells, dried flowers, etc., or simply add pine boughs. Finish with a decorative bow ... or not!

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