Project of the Week

Handmade Votive “Candelabra”

Project of the Week

A homemade “candelabra” is easily made by boring evenly-spaced holes in an 18″ section of common 4″x4″ lumber.

Project Image 2

A 2⅛″ hole saw is run to its full depth two times at each hole location. This is the exact right size to accommodate the most common glass votive holder that measures roughly 2″ across. After each hole is cut, the remaining wood plug is easily popped out in chunks using a narrow chisel. The second run of the hole saw will make an overall depth about 1½″. Sand the surfaces and edges of the 4″x4″ after the holes are cleaned out. For “legs,” inverted metal gelatin molds or jar lids are attached about 1′ apart to the bottom using a center screw.

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