Project of the Week

Saucer with copper cap glued onto the bottom

Standing Bowl Bird Feeder

What you’ll need:

· Mismatched cup and saucer, or the last unbroken bowl of a set, or some other orphaned crockery

· ½ in. copper tubing, 4 foot section

· ½ in. copper cap

· Super glue

Finished Bird Feeder
  1. Flatten one end of the copper tubing in a vice, or ask to have the hardware store do it when buying the copper tubing. The taper makes the tubing easier to push into the ground.
  2. If using a mismatched cup and saucer set, use the super glue to attach the cup to the saucer. Let it dry thoroughly.
  3. Turn the cup and saucer, or lone bowl, upside down and super glue the ½ in. copper cap onto the center of the saucer or bowl. Let dry.
  4. Pick a good spot for your feeder and push the tubing into the ground.
  5. Place the cap that you glued onto the bottom of the saucer or bowl over the tubing and fill the cup or bowl with bird feed.

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Elegantly Easy Bird Bath

What you’ll need:

· Estate sale bowl, or “heirloom” saucer

· Clay planting pot

Any size will do, but bigger pots and bowls are more eye-catching and will hold more water. Simply turn the pot upside down, set the saucer on top, and fill with water.

A few birdbath tips to remember:

  • Water should be no deeper than 3 inches.
  • Birds like a rough surface to walk on, so don’t choose a saucer that is glazed inside.
  • Add a few rocks in the water for perching.
  • Dump and refill the water every couple of days. Use a brush to remove algae —
    no chemicals.
  • Birds love dripping water. To make a simple water drip, make a small hole in the bottom of a plastic bottle or tin can. Fill the container with water and hang it from a branch a few feet above the saucer. The steady drip will attract birds to your bath.

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