Project of the Week

Gelatin-Mold Wall Sconce

wall sconce

You’ll Need

  • 1 small round jello mold
  • 1 medium oblong jello mold
  • drill and bit
  • wire
  • wire cutters
  • needle nose pliers
  • candle


  1. Mark the center points on the top and bottom rims of an oblong mold. Place a small round mold at the bottom of the oblong mold, and drill three holes through both molds, one at the center mark and one ¼" from each side of the center.
  2. Lace a 4" piece of wire through all holes and secure molds together by twisting tightly on the back side.
  3. Drill a small hole ¼" from each side of the top center mark. From the back, insert each end of a 4" piece of wire through the drilled holes and twist ends decoratively.

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