Project of the Week

Project of the Week

Quilty Apples

What you’ll need:

· fabric or quilt scraps

· stuffing

· cinnamon sticks

· green wire-edged ribbon

· glue gun

· basic sewing supplies

  1. Cut out apple piece. Fold fabric right sides together. Using ¼″ seam allowance, stitch along side seam.
  2. Gather bottom raw edge and stitch shut. Turn right side out; stuff. Gather top raw edge and stitch shut. Pass needle through apple from top to bottom; pull thread tight and knot. Glue cinnamon stick to top center.
  3. Using 2″ of ribbon for each leaf, fold and stitch one end into a point (see drawings, below). Gather opposite end and stitch. Glue to top of apple.
Step 1

Ribbon Leaf, Step 1

Step 2

Ribbon Leaf, Step 2

Apple Cutout

Print this page at 100% for your apple pattern.

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